Sync your OSCEdays Calendar with Mac OSX

I’ve written the first in a series of tutorials for using our ownCloud platform - this is just focusing on one specific feature. Can somebody who uses a Mac please test it out and let me know if everything works right and is easy to follow?
How To Sync Your Team Calendar with Mac OSX

oh, and obviously if you don’t have a login for the cloud yet, just let me know and I’ll send one - I’m just slowly putting it all together so I haven’t done mass mail-outs of logins yet.

Hey @cameralibre - have a Mac so will have a go tomorrow and let you know.


My bar at the top was a bit different so instead of Add Account - I first needed to click preferences where there was then a box to add to.

Then it was as laid out in your guidance but not now logging on - just getting spinning wheel when trying to connect.
Will persevere…