Switch places of "Cities" and "Resources"

Hi, i was away from the platform for some days. Had a new perspective on it. It still is not super clear. I think we should move up the CITIES category one spot. CITIES is the most important category. So i think a better order would be:

If you agree, could you make the changes? Thank you. Lars

@cameralibre @unteem

I agree with this. if Tim does too, I’ll change it today.

Could maybe on this front move the Cities even further up to below Challenges…and then the rest

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I really like that idea of @TechnicalNature!! - And while we are on the way: Why not move the Cities category up to the top?


I think, jeap, could be great :sunny:

and if you think about it and explore it further - the put the “Cities” Category on top. We could go even further!

Then we could delete the “Challenges” category completely.

Instead, we open up a sub-category in the “General Discussions” category much like the “Call for Skills” category and name this new sub category “Collaborating on Challenges”!

In this “Collaborating on Challenges” sub category we post the “How to Post A Challenge” and pin it! So it will still be prominently shown on the front page of the platform.

(We might also add a drop-down menue under “Challenges” and put the “How To Post A Challenge” and the “Types of Challenges” link there.)

I think, this is really a good way to make everything easier and to solve that problem, that the “Challenges” category is still a bit unclear. But as a sub category in “General Discussion” called “collaborating on challenges” it makes total sense.

What do you think?

I’m ok with that idea, I was never that convinced of the Challenge category’s importance, as if it’s not a place for challenges, it’s really a meta-category. I would be happy to see it moved to a subcategory of general discussion.

For now I have moved Cities to the top, as there seems to be pretty broad agreement, but I’ll wait to see if there are other thoughts on the Challenge Category before I change it.

Agree Challenge category does seems a bit defunct for now and could confuse. I don’t know if there is any way to make the tabs at the top stand out, draw attention to them more to ensure that people are quickly and easily able to see the full extent of challenges?

Also if I’m not in a city and wanted to post a challenge would it be clear (if this happens). We can do some UX flow maps/ Scenarios.

Can perhaps leave it as is for now - perhaps we can use Friday to get some face 2 face user feedback/ first impressions (we’re probably all too deep in it now).

jeap, good thinking. Where to post my challenge if i am not in a city. I tried to solve it a bit by editing the description of the Cities category.

“Post Challenges in your city category & discuss and develop events and projects from your city. If you city has not category use the “Other” category.”

This could fix part of the problem. @cameralibre is it possible to make the “Other” category the first one in the line? So it would be easier to find.

Or is it possible to make the cities appear alphabetically?

@cameralibre - there are 3 new cities, if you find the time, could you arrange them alphabetically again - or just give me a hind here where i can do this in the admin options.

Cool, I just rearranged them - for future reference, the only way to order the different categories is by assigning each one a position number - you do so by clicking on the Category and then editing ‘Edit>Settings>Position’.

But it’s a bit of an ugly hack at the moment - I set it up as Other:0 ; Athens:5; Augsburg:10 etc, so that I would have some space to put in a few more cities - these positions don’t seem to always stick though - I had to do a bit of trial and error to get Indianapolis in the right spot!

Ah Sam, super cool. Just did it and found out, there is an easier way. You don’t have to move the whole row by hand step by step. Discourse does it automatically.

In my case Rennes was 41 and i needed to move Perth infront of it. So i just made 41 the number of Perth and discourse gave Rennes automatically number 42 and all the others behind Rennes also one number higher. This is good because it is easy :slight_smile:

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