Sunday feb 25 hacking

Hi everyone,

If you plan to join tomorrow, please indicate your name, hack interest and time you can join in. We will try to get groups to from and you can skype or just text chat with your colleagues to develop the hack.


Hi Gien, Yes please, may I please join. My name is Cindy Eiritz and I’m available 7am-3pm your time

My hack interests are -

  • Restoring the Water Cycle, and
  • Crowd-sourced knowledge repository of restoring water cycles in arid regions

Hey Cindy! Great.

I am with one group right now working on an urban version of “soaking the soil carbon sponge”. It’s seen as a big solution because 4x as much rain falls on Cape Town as it uses but it all goes out the storm sewer systems and out to sea. If we could retrofit storm sewer intakes with an adapter that can rechannel the water into the ground and water table, maybe using super absorbing materials, that could recharge the urban acquifer. What do you think of that?

What’s your skype address?

I’m with Cindy - in looking at knowledge discovery and open shared repository for anything that can be done differently (aka better i.e. fairer, more sustainably).