Strawbees - nice approach to modular toys

A nice approach to modular toys i think.

btw. would be nice to have a general collection on modular toys for a start. And of course modular construction bits in general.

I remember seeing some examples for modular toys in the Open Structures blog

In Bergen they played around with Clip It

Yes, nice example. Now Open Source it and make it circular by using clearly labeled plastics that are recyclable and fully compostable (for all those bits they cut off in the video).

Di dyou read that Lego is planning to wean off crude oil as basic stuff for their brick’s material? Now, that would be a step forward. Love them, especially the old and more generic brick styles.

Also always loved Fischer Technik, the first in Germany to alow kids to build electric powered little machines, cogs, springs and transfer belts included. I used it to build an elevator for my dollhouse and cars for the dolls.

I heard about it. It is a nice case to dig in and research one, maybe we can start by writing a blogpost about it. We can try inviting someone from Lego to share about their experience during an online call, I’d be curious to know more on their strategy.