Storytelling - Photos & Videos of the OSCEdays (draft guidelines)

Here’s my draft A4 poster which I plan to send out to local organisers/ local media people, either later today or tomorrow. The idea is that I’ll be editing a montage of all sorts of footage from different cities, intercut with the google hangouts footage, to give people a feeling for the ‘vibe’ of OSCEdays 2015, so the audience can understand the diversity of teams, approaches, locations and projects. As we don’t have teams of professional documentary makers on site at each event, I’m asking participants of the event to get some footage for me, and some photos for blog posts, by having this poster printed out and posted around the venue at each event.

Let me know if you think this will work as it is, or if you have any suggestions for improvements!
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PhotoVideoGuidelinesposter.pdf (679.2 KB)


Great! Will do the job.

Think this is great! We can probably combine this with asking some basic output related data that can be compiled - i.e. number of people taking part/ visitors, organisations, types of backgrounds (we’ve asked some demographics in sign-up), number of challenges worked on, quotes from participants. We can see quite a lot of this on the forum but could be simple to have a feedback form for the organisers to fill in. Can perhaps be after, but some areas will be good to make organisers aware off in advance to keep track of.

Would it be worthwhile creating an etherpad template for this, so that it can be done digitally?

See what we’re developing for the open source challenge documentation templates: