[Stories from 2015] Outputs for Impact

Here we will collate a list of our favourite ideas/projects/solutions/local events worked on in 2015. This is a great way to reflect on the work of last year, build the community, maintain a clearer record of outputs for 2015 and can also be used for 2016 communications. Great!

Please nominate yours as soon as you can @BoST @unteem and everyone…

Please describe what you want to nominate and give a short reason. First we will put all of our highlights here and then create the top ten which we can turn into some visual communication tool.

  1. Maike’s documentation: in Spanish but looks great and thorough:

  2. Circular Makespaces challenge set by the Great Recovery: the team came up with a platform concept ‘Maker Circle’ to share knowledge on sustainable design and production with the maker community, a very practical and usable tool that can (and will) be further developed.

  3. Gien’s expert videos: a series of (how many?) live talks with experts on biomimicry to remanufacturing!

Update: Related earlier discussion:

Hi guys (@sharmarval & @Jaime), the more I think about it the more strange it occurs to me, that we do not have it.

Let’s create it on the webpage - this week. A section with the headline:


###Some Outcomes of 2015 & Plans for 2016 - Find more in our Forum [LINK]

_So for this wee need 10 or 12 examples a name and a punch-line for each. _

Here is my List (language needs a lot of work - i am collecting first - pls. contribute - then lets dive into the language. - descriptions can have 170-200 characters including headlines and spaces):


(Berlin) The Circular Textile Challenge in Berlin created a huge and open Circular Textile Manual [LINK]

Because of the local OSCEdays Berlin the organizers got invited and supported by the city to found an association for Circular Economy in Berlin and dedicate a new 2000m2 space to it! [LINK CRCRL lab]

(As an outcome of the OSCEdays in Berlin, a group had the opportunity to found the CRCLR Lab with support of the city – a 2.000 m2 laboratory for circular economy culture and business. The incubation program includes co- working, urban farming, waste-free apartments and diferent kind of workshops and programs.)

With the event 2015 the question for Open Source Circular Economy was planted in the global community and well anticipated. We were invited to give several talks on it [LINK] and the Circular Economy community included discussion about it in many discussions [LINK to DISRUPTIVE TALK]

By listening to the global community and reading into the 102 challenges [LINK] shared in our forum we could distill a future wish list for the Circular Economy with urgent and inspiring tasks to take on in a global community [LINK]

With the success of the OSCEdays 2015 it became clear that we need/there is a demand for a strong legal body to foster a global community to develop open source circular economy solutions and have exchange and communication around it. Following the energy of that demand we founded it . . .

The OSCEdays Community in Barcelona created a lot of open source documentation for circular furniture solutions [LINK] and created an impressive spanish resource about Open Source Circular Economy events and solutions [LINK]

Showerloop is an Open Hardware solution for saving energy and water. Through the OSCEdays Helsinki Jason the inventor got in touch with the local open hardware community in Helsinki and the global open hardware community (such as POC21) resulting into a major boost for this phantastic project.

With the Shenzhen Innovation Lab and David Lee [LINK VIDEO] on board a bridge to the electronics ecosystem of China was established. The local event caught the attention of the local authorities and ended up creating an opening ceremony for the mayor of Shenzhen introducing him into the topic of Open Source Circular Economy.

The Open Source Hardware company Open Energy Monitor used the OSCEdays to do a Life-Cycle-Assessment for their product. Presumably the first LCA for an Open Hardware product ever.

The innovation & maker space “La Biome” in Rennes organized a challenge on “How to equip a citizen open lab with the circular economy” creating a rich and open tutorial about it. [LINK]

Gien the local organizer for Cape Town decided to not just run a local event but set up a stream of online talks with worldwide known experts for the global community to plugin.

… Great Recovery

The OpenMicroMetha team invistigated the fows of organic waste in Mouans-Sartoux – a village in france. After visiting the local school, they identified a source of waste that could be transformed locally and on a small scale. During the following days, they realised a proof of concept of a biodigester in partnership with a local community space. LINK:

On invitation of the OSCEdays 2015 33 local events welcomed participatns discussing circular economy - many for the first time - issues like repairability . . .

. . . . . . .

And here are some more stories that might make a good story:


Yes, this page needs to happen.

I am not sure I can add much value since I was not active last year, but will be glad to proofread and help polish the text.

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Ok, cool.

It is a bit of a difficult operation. But I will dedicate my whole thursday to it - adding it to the webpage with pictures, short sentences, links etc.

Today I was discussing with Sam as well, that we really need to communicate tangible outcomes - to give us perspective - get more tangible outcomes created for example.

@sharmarval - is there a link to the Circular Makerspace challenge by the Great Recovery?


Hi @Jaime @sharmarval

I am working on the stories right now. Tonight they will be on the webpage. In that process I rebuild also the webpage a bit. So if you have any urgent changes for it to suggest - before you proceed with the newsletter - now is a good time for it :slight_smile:

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Great @Lars2i I will provide some information on the Circular Makespaces project too.

The only request I have for the website is that you could use the address bar to navigate to a certain part of the scroll:

eg www.oscedays.org/global navigates to global organisers and so on…is that very complicated to implement?

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Cool with the Circular Makespaces. But I already plan to include this:

Le Biome in Rennes asked “How to equip a citizen open lab with the circular economy" and created a rich open tutorial for it. [LINK]

With 10 spots in the page. This could be to similar with the Circular Makesspaces. Le Biome has good documentation in the forum. What do you think is the better choice?

jepp. The address bar is complicated. The only way I know will result into that the page loads new everytime you click on it (like it is with “Cities 2016”) now.

And the menubar will be too long then – two lines.

Ah, okay. Hmmm, it would just be convenient to link directly to some parts of the page because I’m sure people don’t scroll all the way down.

Anyway, for the text for the stories…it might need to be tweaked a little.

Ok. Will see what I can do.

Jeap. Tweaking is good. Here is the 10 spots. They really can’t be longer then this. Shorter would be better.

. . . .

Some Outcomes of 2015 & Plans for 2016 - Find more in our Forum [LINK]

The circular textile group and challenge in Berlin created a well elaborated open circular textile manual. [LINK TO MANUAL]

The circular textile’s node [LINK TO NODE ON FORUM] led by the Berlin community initiatied the development of an open circular textile manual. [LINK TO MANUAL]

Because of their local event organizers in Berlin got invited and supported by the city to found a CRCLR association (and a 2000m2) CRCLR lab. [LINK TO CRCLR.ORG]

Local Berlin organizers were invited and supported by the city to kick-start a CRCLR association (and a 2000m2) CRCLR Lab. [LINK TO CRCLR.ORG]

With the first event in 2015 the question of Open Source as enabler for a Circular Economy was planted in the global discourse. [LINK TO TALKS]

Through our first event in 2015, the idea of Open Source as an enabler for a Circular Economy was planted in the global discourse. [LINK TO TALKS]

By listening to the global OSCEdays community in 2015 we could distill a future wish list for an OSCE, to tackle together. [LINK TO LIST]

The OSCEdays Barcelona community created a fantastic event and a lot of OSCE documentation in Spanish. [LINK PDF]

The OSCEdays Barcelona community created and hosted a fantastic local event as well as a superb documentation manual [in Spanish]. [LINK PDF]

Showerloop is circular open hardware solution. Through OSCEdays the founders got in touch with a local and global open hardware resulting in a major boost for that project. [LINK TO SHOWERLOOP/OR HELSINKI?]

Showerloop is a circular open hardware solution. Participating in OSCEdays boosted global awareness of this superb project and connected Showerloop with a local and global open hardware community. [LINK TO SHOWERLOOP/OR HELSINKI?]

Several events welcomed politicians. The opening ceremony in Shenzhen was attended by the mayor of the city introducing him to the topic of OSCE. [LINK David Lee VIDEO]

Open Energy Monitor is an open hardware company. During the OSCEdays they did an open Life-Cycle-Assessment for their product. [LINK TO TOPIC]

La Biome in Rennes asked “How to equip a citizen open lab with the circular economy" and created a rich open tutorial for it. [LINK TO TOPIC]

La Biome in Rennes asked “How can we equip a citizen open lab for the circular economy" and created a rich open tutorial. [LINK TO TOPIC]


On invitation of OSCEdays 2015 33 local events across the globe welcomed participants discussing circular economy issues, many for the first time! [LINK TO 2015 DOCUMENTATION]

OSCEdays 2015 welcomed 33 local events across the globe where participants discussed circular economy issues and created practical solutions, many for the first time! [LINK TO 2015 DOCUMENTATION]_

. . . .


And here are two more. One:

In Mouans-Sartoux the OpenMicroMetha team realised a proof of concept of a biodigester in partnership with a local community space. [LINK TOPIC]

With the success of OSCEdays 2015 the energy was there to build an association to foster OSCE beyond an annually global event. [LINK TO ASSOCIATION FOUNDING MEETING]


@sharmarval - I am going for lunch now. And today I will find images and then start to add it to the page (starting probably around 17:00). If you can find the time to tweak it till then, cool (posts are wikis). If not also good - we can do it later.

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Okay, I think that the list is great, but it looks now like some some of the stories are much more about the strategy of OSCE association than tangible / practical impacts that came out of 2015.

I would keep things like the Association and the Future List separate…

Jepp. I see what you mean.

But both things are still “Outcomes” of the event.

But of course we can make them separate. I just thought, It might be a great place to advertise them. People have small attention spans . . . this is what I want them to know too.

Plus we have past and future combined. It is a past to engage with for a future.

I can see what you mean, but we already communicated about the association in the first newsletter and also will do in the latest one. Again, it’s what the purpose of the stories are: to show the practical benefits and results of sponsoring and getting involved in OSCEdays. I think the more practical and the more community-focused the better so that community participation is valued. The association and the future list can be communicated and promoted at any time…whereas we should leverage the results of 2015 as much as we can while we can.

That said, while I would prefer to focus on practical results, I’m just happy we are finally uploading something!

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ok. will leave it out then. Will start to upload around 17:00

Cool. In case you are still online. For visual beauty we should have 11 examples. With the list and the association out we need another one. Could you check the language here:

3d printing has been an issue on several locations from turning plastic waste into filament to prototyping of new printer parts. [LINK KUALA LUMPUR]

[-12] MORE
Browse the challenges in our forum to find more projects from last year. [LINK CHALLENGE TAG]

Ok. Done. It is on the webpage now. I will look at it in a view days and will be able to see improvements to make. But if you already have suggestions let me know

Hey @Lars2i great stuff! :smiley_cat: I’m less sure about what I was saying earlier about leaving out the association and the Future List…maybe the others have thoughts on this…

I made some adjustments the the language for most of them (in italics in the Wiki part) and some minor changes to some headings too.

And for the final two, number [12] is fine and I don’t fully understand [11].

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Hi @sharmarval @Lars2i - This is super, really needed - Great work (and of course wouldn’t be possible without all the fantastic project people worked/ are continuing to work on) - Agree we need to figure out how to navigate to directly. As and in-between thing I’ll take a screen shot when tweeting, promoting! Will look at having and OSCEdasy filled Easter weekend!