[Stories from 2015] Outputs for Impact

@sharmarval - I am going for lunch now. And today I will find images and then start to add it to the page (starting probably around 17:00). If you can find the time to tweak it till then, cool (posts are wikis). If not also good - we can do it later.

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Okay, I think that the list is great, but it looks now like some some of the stories are much more about the strategy of OSCE association than tangible / practical impacts that came out of 2015.

I would keep things like the Association and the Future List separate…

Jepp. I see what you mean.

But both things are still “Outcomes” of the event.

But of course we can make them separate. I just thought, It might be a great place to advertise them. People have small attention spans . . . this is what I want them to know too.

Plus we have past and future combined. It is a past to engage with for a future.

I can see what you mean, but we already communicated about the association in the first newsletter and also will do in the latest one. Again, it’s what the purpose of the stories are: to show the practical benefits and results of sponsoring and getting involved in OSCEdays. I think the more practical and the more community-focused the better so that community participation is valued. The association and the future list can be communicated and promoted at any time…whereas we should leverage the results of 2015 as much as we can while we can.

That said, while I would prefer to focus on practical results, I’m just happy we are finally uploading something!

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ok. will leave it out then. Will start to upload around 17:00

Cool. In case you are still online. For visual beauty we should have 11 examples. With the list and the association out we need another one. Could you check the language here:

3d printing has been an issue on several locations from turning plastic waste into filament to prototyping of new printer parts. [LINK KUALA LUMPUR]

[-12] MORE
Browse the challenges in our forum to find more projects from last year. [LINK CHALLENGE TAG]

Ok. Done. It is on the webpage now. I will look at it in a view days and will be able to see improvements to make. But if you already have suggestions let me know

Hey @Lars2i great stuff! :smiley_cat: I’m less sure about what I was saying earlier about leaving out the association and the Future List…maybe the others have thoughts on this…

I made some adjustments the the language for most of them (in italics in the Wiki part) and some minor changes to some headings too.

And for the final two, number [12] is fine and I don’t fully understand [11].

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Hi @sharmarval @Lars2i - This is super, really needed - Great work (and of course wouldn’t be possible without all the fantastic project people worked/ are continuing to work on) - Agree we need to figure out how to navigate to directly. As and in-between thing I’ll take a screen shot when tweeting, promoting! Will look at having and OSCEdasy filled Easter weekend!

@sharmarval - cool. I added all the suggested changes to the page - except the new Showerloop bit because it was too long for the space available on the page.

Jeap. Now that you open it up again :wink: - I still think placing the association and/or the list there would be pretty good.

Maybe we can get another opinion here? @TechnicalNature what do you think about adding this to the Outcomes section:

By listening to the global OSCEdays community in 2015 we could distill a future wish list for an OSCE, to tackle together. [LINK TO LIST]

With the success of OSCEdays 2015 the energy was there to build an association to foster OSCE beyond an annually global event. [LINK TO ASSOCIATION FOUNDING MEETING]


Cool! Yeah, I think you’re right but see what @TechnicalNature says.

Also, I was thinking that it might look like David Li is a politician. Ha ha.

I’ve added them to the newsletter…feeling excited! :smiley:

Showerloop is a circular open hardware solution. Participating in OSCEdays boosted global awareness of this project and connected Showerloop with the global open hardware community. [LINK TO SHOWERLOOP/OR HELSINKI?]

Also, on this point, I think some of the external links from the ‘Examples’ could be better / cleaner? I clicked on a few and they take me to the middle of a long thread on the forum…or if we could have say, the tutorial from Le Biome as a direct link, rather than in the forum.

Also, maybe ‘Stories from 2015’ is nicer than just saying Examples? :smiley:

Ok. with two more tweaks that worked:

SHOWERLOOPING – Showerloop is () circular open hardeware (). Participating in OSCEdays boosted global awareness of this project and connected it with the global open hardware community.

Ok. changed the titles and fixed the links - le biome, the bio digester, the talks - they all start now directly at the beginning of the topic.

Learned that lesson about external links to the forum.

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Hi @Lars2i @sharmarval - I think at this stage it would be nice to add the Association & Future list as these also had to the variety and I would say are interesting to point to if people get the impression that it’s another “hack” style event - whereas in fact the association and topics came from the community enthusiasm and in our feedback etc were suggested/ asked for and indicate the long-term commitment - The whole OSCEdays were in fact (and still are) an evolving pilot and these were practical outcomes from the first year… if that makes sense.
It may be that in the future when it develops and reshuffles we’ll order/ group these a bit different under certain objective areas but is good to have together here. That actually makes me think of what type of website it will need for this to capture each year an more ongoing usage. (maybe another topic for the forum and specific funding)


Hey @TechnicalNature Yeah, totally agree. This is also among the lines of what I was thinking… That is, I think they will be better suited in a different place or even a different website for activities that are specific to the association, we can think about this in time. Great to have these online anyway. Thanks to @Lars2i

Hi, ok, if I understand you correctly we should add the association and future list for now in the “Stories” section.

But of course we need to come up with a new way how to communicate outcomes (of different years, activities etc.) and then it will make sense to have them separate?

If I add them I would take out the “3d printing” and the “more” bit. Or I just add them … will see.

Yeah, I think this is okay for now. Also, it would make sense to have some links between the outputs (stories) and the Future Wish List…because the stories should be eventually leading to the Future Wish List.

I think it’s okay to take out the 3D printing, because I can’t clearly see what was developed related to this challenge (of course it might be there, but it needs to be updated to make it understandable for the reader).

Jepp. Adding links going from our Future List to topics in the forum is on my to do list - or to do pile ::slight_smile:

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