Sponsorship Kits for Local OSCEdays Events (2016)

In this topic you find some resources you can use to create a sponsorhip kit for your local event.

Please make sure to communicate that you ask for funding of a local event.

If you have created a good brochure it would be great, if you share it here for others to adapt as well.

Here in the public OSCEday Design Folder you can find the OSCEdays branding, illustrations, photos and more to use for your Sponsor Kit and event communication.

(January 30) Jenni @OTTILIE is about to create some more illustrations. As soon as she is done we will update the illustrations folder. Meanwhile you can pull some of the new ones from the development topic.

(If you use the images for communication around OSCEdays you don’t have to give attribution.)

#Examples & Template Brochures

##Global Kit 2016 (Vs. 1.4)
Here is the Kit we use for the global funding in 2016 (Version from January 30)


Editable Format: It was created in an online tool called „Canva“. You can go to canva, create your own copy of it there and start to adapt it for your local event.

CANVA LINK (updated)

##Local Berlin Kit 2016 *RECOMMENDED
@simonlee created a great brochure for the OSCEdays Berlin event. The brochure is also available in an editable format (.pptx) for you do adapt.

PDF DOWNLOAD OSCEdays Berlin partnership brochure 2016.pdf (3.4 MB)

PPTX DOWNLOAD OSCEdays Berlin partnership brochure 2016.pptx (8.0 MB)

##Global & Berlin Kit 2015
Here is the brochure from 2015. We were using it to find sponsors for Berlin and the global event at the same time. This has changed now. Global funding is entirely seperate from local events.

PDF DOWNLOAD: OSCEdays Sponsorship Brochure.pdf (2.2 MB)

Editable Format: pptx – Power Point Format, also editable with Libre Office or Open Office. Although the design will probably suffer a bit :frowning:

PPTX DOWNLOAD: OSCEdays Brochure March15.pptx (2.7 MB)

some more brochures will follow soon

Questions? Ideas? More Resources? Post them below.

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Hi there,
I am encountering problems with the editing of the templates in Canva.
The fact is I didn’t manage to find any menu that allows to copy/import a selected presentation.
Sorry for asking a probably basic question, but I didn’t find any solution.


Hi @stesba ,

On the top left of the page you see “File” and in the drop down menu there “Make A Copy”. Is it the same for you? Maybe not.

ANYWAY @simonlee made a phantastic brochure for Berlin and we will share it in the coming days. If you can wait a few days more. It might be worth your time.

Hi @Lars2i,

unfortunately when opening the presentation there is no way to access the menu you mentioned (see screenshots attached).
Anyway, if the brochure is on its way there is no problem for me to wait few more days.

Ah, ok. @Jaime – Anything we can do about this?

Hi @stesba,

I am not sure why it’s not working since Lars seems to have access to it.

Can you try again on this link?

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Hi @Jaime,
the link you have posted worked correctly and I managed to successfully import a copy in my Canva account.
Thanks a lot!

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Hey @stesba

Glad it worked :slight_smile: