Spam comments on

Currently we’re getting 1-3 spam comments per day on our Wordpress site. This is not much, pretty easy to deal with manually, but if it increases we should consider getting an Akismet subscription.
Or does anyone else know another way of shutting down spam? eg by filtering keywords or combinations of keywords we could certainly deal with the spam we currently receive.

Hmm, do you mean they are automatically visible externally on the site or just in admin mode need separating/ identifying as likely spam? On my own site I have it set that I have to read/ok them before any make it to the big screen (also ensure that if legit I’ll be more likely to respond). Will still mean more manual work however and diligence as well to ensure that real comments are quickly visible.

yeah, it’s just slightly annoying for admins, it’s not appearing on the site, don’t worry!