SOS Cape Town water crisis

We are running an SOS (Semantic Open Space) group with the main discussion on Facebook and a running Google doc for Issues, Causes, Effects and Proposals.
More details of the meeting and the SOS structure. SOS is a syntax designed to capture community Issues and Proposals so that they can be shared with other communities.
SOS was designed for Open Space type meetings but it seems to work reasonably well with a virtual community.

Feel free to join the FB group or comment on the Google doc

One of our Facebook members has just added an open source Make Water project looks like a great hackable project.


Just watching the ‘AC breakdown’ video on
I’m wondering what the farming landscape is like on the Cape? Does the water run off the land too quickly?

@omaes72, Do you have answer to William’s question about surface runoff?

@Ianpat, we should meet with William to look at his system. I haven’t had time up til now because of the crazy organizing for the hackathon.

Not sure where to put this but I just came across - Device pulls water from dry air, powered only by the sun -

Saw that one, William. I contacted the lab a few weeks ago but no reply.