SOLUTION – How to equip a citizen open lab with the circular economy?

Update: This topic was granted ‚Solution’. It shares below in comment 13 a well made document outlining how to make circular economy principles and ideas a key driver in the set up of a community driven local fabrication space. It is on a conceptual meta level but because of it’s density and clarity a great benchmark resource for everyone that want’s to set up such a space.

##We are

We are an open community and an Open Biomimicry FabLab based in Rennes, France. We are Biomers and we rock our lab called le Biome.
We have the conviction to transition territories and economies through sharing knowledge and expertise.
We found that like us, many are faced with problems accessing facilities because they are expensive and rarely open source.

We decided to equip ourselves as much as possible in an open source, DIY way.
Obviously we reuse waste, but we attach great importance to eco design, economy of functionality and especially the re enrichment of the biosphere.
By developing open source solutions together, we will provide a response to a problem greater than ourselves.

So, we have decided to design a great week for Open Source Circular Economy Days with call to action, with workshops, design, hackathons, prototyping, keynotes Etc
Our goal: animate, rock our city and solve this challenge “How to equip a citizen open lab with the circular economy?”


Brilliant @Xavier_C ! We’ll be “launching” our London based challenges soon and one of these will definitely be great to link up with this. Heads-up @sharmarval (also London team)

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@TechnicalNature Thanks . We work hard ton connect more french people and Labs about this topic. Next week, it will be possible to connect with London during a Skype and build crossovers between London and rennes challenhges .

@TechnicalNature @sharmarval My friend, Michka, is in London ! He’s biodesigner and biomimicry dude :wink: He would like to meet you on Thursday and to crush with makers, hackers, OSCE boomers … How he can join you? Phone, mail, twitter?


Near the 9th of june, we’ll share and launch a grahique a booklet summarizing the work of preparations and interrogations phases, déconstrucion phase and rethink phase for the circular economy and our challenge.


Hi @Xavier_C, looking forward to more. This is really great and i know many others thinking about similar things.

The only thing i want to suggest is: could you reconsider the choice of your license. On the Image i see that you pick the CC-BY-NC license. As @cameralibre & I explain in the “What is Open Source” Video - this is not Open Source. A NC - Non-Commercial - License is not Open Source.

Hi @Xavier_C, there’s also more info on Why Non-Commercial is not Open Source here:


Hi !

If you are interested in helping us in our challenge in Rennes, you can now do so by writting on our dedicated white board :

Even if it’s entirely in french, feel free to write your own impressions and ideas in any languages you want :slight_smile: !

And our full schedule for the osce days is coming soon !

Here’s the direct link to the Challenge we’ll be working on in London - Circular Maker Spaces

thanks @cameralibre @Lars2i ! this is a temporary license, in order to finish the trauvaux , brainstorming, restitution and layout.
So, we can have a debate about Linus Torvalds & Richard Stallman, free culture & open source, publication under license & copyleft & copyright, open hardware etc. :wink: Then we’ll have a drink togerther an diner with French wine of course.

I promise you the booklet will be released under open source license. Just be patient

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great, thanks @Xavier_C!
:penguin: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :santa:
(there was no Richard Stallman emoji so I had to go with the closest one I could find)


here is our booklet "Draft and preparation work for "OSCE Days "
To share a summary gaphique on a cross-over between crowdsourcing and our lab assessment of this challenge

@TechnicalNature @Lars2i it suits you better? :wink:

@Rieul_Techer @unteem @TechnicalNature special thanks :smiley:


This saturday afternoon, we challenge the circular economy loop and in particular a new loop “re invest” into the biosphere.
we deconstruct, rethink, re write, re design the circular economy process to radically re investing in the biosphere

And at the same time, we are working on building a database of solutions to help use circular principles on product/object LCA !!

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Ooh have you seen the work thay @Trystan_Lea @WoonTan @DaveGreen are looking at on Open Energy Monitor LCA / ethocal hardware? [HEADLINE CHALLENGE] Open Energy Life Cycles

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bonjour Xavier, serait-il possible de recevoir votre document en version pdf?

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Not yet @TechnicalNature. But we’ll try to connect with @Trystan_Lea @WoonTan @DaveGreen as soon as possible :wink:

@mags tu parles du Booklet de préparation? Si tu me donnes ton mail je te l’envoie

bonjour, mon adresse est