Setting up Local Categories

It’s important that when we invite a local organizer to the forum, that we ask them to write the description for the category, so that it remains editable for that person (i.e. if I write the description for Barcelona, only I can change it, so everytime they want to add a new member or piece of information to their header, they have to ask me.)

We should develop a basic template that organizers can use, ie:

Brief introduction - hello and welcome to this local team space!
Language: What language(s) should be used for communication in this subcategory?
Team members/Contributors: please post a one-sentence introduction of your team members, their main roles or focus, and link to their profile where people can find out more.
Event: What are you planning for OSCEdays 2015? Where will it take place?
Link to your team page on
Links to any relevant external resources, eg. twitter account, location website.

what else needs to be included?

We could also add what are the local challenges that will be tackle.

If you want to allow more people to change the description you can make the post a wiki post + as local organizers will probably be moderators, they can modify it (i think)

ah, cool, I hadn’t noticed the ‘Make Wiki’ function. I’ve made this topic a wiki!

@Lars2i - when setting up new Local Categories, please make the Intro post a Wiki (from the wrench-shaped admin icon under the post) so that local organisers can edit it and add introductions etc. Thanks!