Scenario building for a circular future; Gothenburg OSCD Days 8-12th June

Cradlenet is organising a scenario building event in Connection with the OSCE Days. More info will come soon


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Hi, welcome to OSCEdays GOTHENBURG 2017.
#We are Cradlenet West
We are an open non-profit network with the purpose to promote and speed up the understanding for and adaption to circular economy business models and practices in companies. Our main focus is companies and businesses in Western Sweden as we think this is where we can have the biggest impact.
#We Will arrange a scenario building evening
We will arrange an event where we will create future scenarios about what the world could be like from different perspectives once we have become circular. The purpose is to help the participants become more concrete and increase understanding of what changes are needed, examples of challenges companies will meet and knowledge that is required to speed up the transition. The purpose is not to create the best scenario and publish, but rather that the process will make us think and reflect. The aim is that it makes it easier for us to apply the thinking in our everyday challenges and try to solve business challenges with circular rather than linear approach.
The scenarios can be based on eg a company, a material, an everyday situation etc. The participants will suggest topics and we will build the scenarios around the ones that the participants chose.
#Date & Location
8th June 2017 at 5 pm CET. Location: Ekocentrum, Gothenburg.
Short introduction to circular economy by local expert
Generate scenario areas, chose area and form teams
Generate scenarios using various techniques such as collage, role play, videos, storytelling etc – TBD further
If you are interested in participating, please contact

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Hi, we are having global VIDEO CALLS during the global June event. Join us there to tell us about your event, maybe show us around and meet other people.

You can join a call while your event is running or before or after it. HERE IS THE SCHEDULE.

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