Regular Community Calls

Update: Yes, there will be regular calls. And here is the schedule

Here’s another community recipe cooked-up in the Edgeryders kitchen, which I think we could try making our own version of. Weekly community calls are a way to check in with existing community members and see what they’re up to, see if they need support, but they’re also a nice process for onboarding new community members, and allowing the community to support itself p2p a little more.
The way that these calls work best is that they’re always on the same day, at the same time every week. Now obviously that works wonderfully for a mostly-European-based group like Edgeryders, and it may be a little trickier for us to work out something similar with our friends in Asia and the Americas. But we can at least try with one per week, and if that works, then maybe change it up/add an extra call to fit different time schedules.

What we would need to put this into action:

  1. general support or a rough consensus that this is a good idea worth doing.
  2. one person, or preferably a small group of 2-4 people with a good understanding of OSCEdays, who commit to the responsibility of always having someone there in the call (on time), to be able to welcome people, to answer questions, and generally be a good ‘host’ if it’s needed.
  3. not absolutely necessary, but preferred would be a way to do this P2P, with free/libre open source software. For example I use Firefox Hello (an implementation of WebRTC) for one-on-one calls, but I don’t know if there’s a solution that works well for group chat. Any ideas or suggestions?

@Nadia any important lessons learned that we should heed?


  1. At beginning of each call we need to make sure someone is taking notes. When we use skype, the chat window is very helpful.

  2. At the end of each call we ask everyone who was there to collaboratively edit a shared summary of the call. We call this a Fast Forward Through

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can you tell a bit more about the calls you have on Edgeryders? Is it a big hangout sometimes with 10+ people? People introduce themselve and update each other? There is a moderator? How long does the call usually last? One good story where the call made an easy to grasp difference (or is this the wrong question?) How would we invite people to it or is it announced online, the link is shared publicly and anyone can just plug-in?

Here is the Schedule for the Community Calls.

I think is a very good idea to do this Community Calls… How are you planning them? Should we confirm which day of the schedule is better for Barcelona Team to connect?