Regular COMMUNITY CALLS - OSCEdays15, Schedule


Hi @Fitria here is a link that explains how to use google hangout
It is quite basic, you just need a google account and install a plugin. I will then send you the link to join the hangout.

See you tomorrow :wink:


Thank you! I think I managed to install it. See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hi Tim,

Please send me the Google Hangout link for tomorrow. I have an account and know how to use it.

Merci, Silvia

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hello, just leaving a note that I am attending tomorrow’s call with another one from cairo hackerspace.
see you tomorrow

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See you there then. @hazem did not know you are in the Cairo team, nice to see you here. BTW you can directly edit the post as it its a wiki and add your name


Link for todays community call updated. Click on Tuesday 26th :wink:

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Hi Tim,

I would like to attend the call on Thursday, May 28th. If you will update the link on Thursday before the call, no need to answer. If not, please e–mail me the link.

Merci, Silvia

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@sharmarval @TechnicalNature @Lars2i @cameralibre @Alice_audrey @lauren and everyone else. Can you guys make it tomorrow for the community call?
Could be a nice opportunity to also have a debrief together in the same time


Afraid not, we have a Meeting here in Berlin tomorrow (that counts out @Lars2i @cameralibre @Alice_audrey :frowning: )


Ok no worries; so let’s try during the call on Sunday if that’s ok for you. I need to hear your voices, I miss you!!! :smile:


I miss you too! Sadly can’t do Sunday unless it’s early 10am or very late 10pm…I’ll be travelling most of the day. But I see the schedule is already set, so maybe I can speak to you all another day pre-event.

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Hey Guys, during the calls, please remember the people to announce a local media person and made that person to get in touch with me for their live-streamed-interview during the days.


Hi @unteem!
I was about to connect this evening at 7:30 pm, but is going to be impossible cause we have a OSCEdays meeting at the same time but in a place where there is no good internet connection. I guess we are going to leave the call for the last day next Sunday 31st at 4 pm. We have google account so we will wait for the link!
See you on sunday!

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hey is the next call in an hour? what’s the hangout or skype address?


Link coming I’m a bit late :s


Here you go link here =>

ping @Gien


Hey @Lars2i @Jaime maybe we should plan some community calls again to try and create a space for the community to connect and get things energised.

Also, I was looking at all the various city pages on the forum and actually very few of them are used apart from the very very active cities. I wonder if we did a community call on the Forum could that help? :slightly_smiling:

I could also benefit from this :wink:

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I agree @sharmarval - would be good to make contact again and support/ connect the cities signed up now - this was really great last year and helped build the linkages in advance of the events - outwith the BosT meetings. This could be included in the newsletter and communicated to all the city organisers - Google hangout?

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Absolutely @sharmarval !

I also think that we should keep the community engaged in a regular basis, and this could be a great way. Otherwise we’ll be completely disconnected of the rest of the events doing stuff.

It will also enable us to transmit what we learn from one event to the other, and maybe spread inspiration and new ideas to the community.

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I had a little discussion about regular community calls with @unteem & @cameralibre some weeks ago. @unteem suggested it also - as a side note in a PM conversation. So the conversation was not in the open.

Generally community calls could be good. But we really need to think them through before doing them. Here is what I wrote in the conversation with Sam and Tim:

##Problems with the suggestions

  • Streaming the onboarding calls is not a good idea. People have not decided to follow the transparent OSCEdays workflow at that stage. So we should not force them in to the public.
  • Regluar Community Calls just to plug in? I do not really see the need but you both seem to do. I suggest to have one of those slots per week. Alternating One Week in the Morning the next week in the evening - so for everyone on the globe there is a possible time slot.
  • But I predict that noone will show up to this calls. And if you make them publicly streamed - people will feel even more insecure to join them and not do it. And you will have announced calls but no video recording afterwards - because noone showed up. So it looks strange/intransparent or unsuccessful afterwards.
  • It also is a problem where to announce this talks? It would be one more thing to communicate to the outside world. And we have already several and complex messages to deliver.
  • Again, I did not feel the need for those calls last year. A lot of the time even the onboarding calls don’t really feel necessary. As the guy from Rome wrote this week and i got this several times before - our participation guide is pretty exhaustive.
  • I am also not sure if Onboarding calls and community calls should be the same. Think we should really connect to local organizers at least one time eye to eye. In a call with more of them … not sure. It might end up beeing a waste of their time for example.
  • I don’t say that all of this can’t be solved and that there could not be a good place and function for those community calls. But I don’t see a working plan for it yet. Requires some thinking.

##We need a real and thought through plan - to decide

  • I would suggest that one of you creates a topic in communication (we are here in PM at the moment) with a first detailed and thought-through plan for those calls addressing the questions above.
  • If we want to make them a permanent institution of the OSCEdays foundation and everything I want to understand this institution first better. We can’t create an infinite number of institutions and maintain them. We have to be smart. Which ones do we create and how do they play together with all the rest, for maximum effect and best use of our limited resources. And what can we communicate to the outside world.
  • What is the role of this institution? How does it connect to the rest? Can someone come up with a first and more detailed plan.

With “institutions” I mean the things an OSCEdays community uses to connect and collaborate. We should use all of our creativity and smartness to build the right institutions . . . Community calls - have to be thought through. They have to interact well with the rest of the institutions.

I start to think, this would make a great challenge: How to build and foster a global OSCEdays community. Ask the people for their ideas. And what would really help them.