Registration for participation in OSCEDays Stockholm 13-14 june 2015

Register here with your name and email, also consider your participation for both days or if you just want to participate day 1 or 2. You may also register if you will participate at The event will be taking place from the 13th of June at 14 to 14 June at 18

Johnny Karlsson will participate both days

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Anders Nilsson,, both days

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Dear @kajiak and @AndersN,

@Lars2i suggested to get in touch with because of posing challenges in similar fields: @hazem, Adel Abdel Wahab (director of Theatre is a Must) and me are organizing an OSCEevnet in Cairo concerning the -Connection of Independent Theatre and Performing Arts with Open Source and Circular Economy Approaches-. The event is taking place on 12th June (one day before you’re starting). So if you like we could think about how to connect, join or transfer some of the efforts, ideas and insights. What do you think? Hazem just put up a Facebook event:

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Erik Pihl 2 days

Sorry for not answering earlier. I thought one of my partners answered you. In this event 13-14 we wont get into communicating with theatre and arts, but further ahead in our long time project: Visutopia ( we will.
The OSCE event in Sweden now, will focus on how OS can change production structures in genara. We zoom out and work in a broad perspective. Some of the participants in the event will tell and answer questions from a fictive future OS society on the 14th.

best regards

Ela Celary 2 days

You are most welcome!