[Recordings] – GLOBAL VIDEO REPORTING – OSCEdays JUNE 9-13, 2016


@cameralibre Low tech beats high tech anytime. That was very funny Q&A.


Thanks for stepping in @franznahrada, great work! I will make sure to have a backup computer with me on Sunday, just in case something like this happens again :slight_smile:


can somebody change the title of the YouTube vid of the first day?


I changed it to OSCEdays global reporting?


Hi Sharon, the date still says Feb instead of June, this might be what Franz is referring to.

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Aha! Thanks Silvia. Was a bit confused!

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Helsinki streaming! https://plus.google.com/events/ca75r2edp1aueehpeslqq2dpmdc


You are doing an excellent job! Will it be repeated in the main stream at 3PM CET? Your connectivity is magnificent!

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@Silvia are you going to set up the hangout for the next call?


PANIC. Where are the links? Where is the hangout?


Posted above in the first post in the thread


Only one from previous hangouts , no? Don,t see thé one for now


TO JOIN: https://hangouts.google.com/call/hzjceshph5cyjax37rjelxn73ie


Nô-one there? Did someone add me to théier contacts?


Thank you for saving my skin, Sharon. I thought I am just the deputy today! I should pay attention, no?

Anyway, I think it was a great call. It was good to see so many people, local reporters and organizers on the call.

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Hi Helga,

I am sorry if you missed the Google hangout. The links are always posted in the thread above, under the specific day and time.

The video that we just recorded will be available shortly and posted above under June 11 1 pm UTC.

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming hangouts.


Volunteer needed to host the June 13 1am UTC session! Please jump in.


Hi from Team Kuala Lumpur! Will be ready to start the Google Hangout call for June 13 1am UTC session :slight_smile:

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@cameralibre I don’t think I can join the call today at 1pm UTC. Maybe you’ll be okay?


No problem, I’ve got two computers ready, so as long as I can keep clear of lightning strikes and rogue meteors, everything should work fine :slight_smile: