[Recordings] – GLOBAL VIDEO REPORTING – OSCEdays JUNE 9-13, 2016


Florian Dierickx /// Blaise Pascual Uni in France ///

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I sat for two hours in front of
and nothing happened.


@franznahrada sorry that you missed the first global reporting session. We updated the link in the schedule shortly after the scheduled start time because we had some technical issues. Hopefully see you in another session.


Lets see… I just spoke to Lars and will try to participate actively tomorrow… I contacted you and Sam Muirhead on Facebook to have a reliable back channel…
Its important for me to bring in Christiana Gardikioti in Euboea (Evia) / Greece, at the io Gathering…

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During the sessions I host or support, I will watch this space for comments and questions related to technical difficulties, e.g not able to join/watch the hangout, audio/video, etc.

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Likewise, I will do this from now on also.


UTC, Coordinated Universal Time
5:30a Sat, Jun 11 2016
7:00a Sat, Jun 11 2016

LONDON, United Kingdom, England
6:30a Sat, Jun 11 2016
8:00a Sat, Jun 11 2016

11:00a Sat, Jun 11 2016
12:30p Sat, Jun 11 2016

Home Recycling, Garden, Reuse Case Study - Live coverage of the home and the man behind it


yes. we (Bogota) can host a Call.

Saturday 1pm UTC


Is there a community call now? I CAN SEE NO LINK.


That’s what I am wondering too, I just asked the host and Lars about it.

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From Spain (Seville) we are on streaming on this link


Hi @guadalupe, all

Great. This is a Spanish language separate stream As Far As I See.
will you also be on the main call in one hour?


OSCEdays Global Video Hangouts #2 FRIDAY, June 10 – 1:00 PM (13:00) UTC

To WATCH: https://plus.google.com/events/cinl9lsecpvn3uc01c9qhsr4h8k
To JOIN: https://hangouts.google.com/call/dglhkk3abjfd7j2h375h5cx6uye

I have started the call, I’ll start broadcasting once the other people are here.

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Yes! This is how it worked for me yesterday.


@IvoSalters @guadalupe this is the link to join the call.


can you guys see the chat in the hangout?
my google talk plugin keeps crashing
let me know when to start the broadcast, @franznahrada or @sharmarval will have to moderate


@franznahrada, can you confirm you’ve seen the chat or this message?


Please ask everybody who does not speak to mute their mic. The host can also use the control room and mute the mics of certain participants.


Is anybody watching this stream?


Yep and one more person. I am watching on YouTube and I see 2 people watching.