[READ ME FIRST!]- OSCEdays Athens

###This is the READ ME for OSCEdays Athens. It tells you how we develop the event, who we are and how you can join us.

##Who we are?
@lauren @thou21 @katalin @zio_donnie @julianavanh, Nikki, Max, Jeff, David, Ciga, Sven, Luisa, James
We are happy to welcome you on board.

##How to Join us?
1 - Sign up! The first thing to do is sign up to this forum and take a look at the Athens Category. This should give you some good insight to what is going on already and existing challenges or tasks.

2 - Join a Team! The organization of the Athens event is a horizontal process, with individuals and teams focusing on specific tasks or challenges. You can join a team or challenge, introduce yourself and contribute where you can.

3 -Register for a ticket! sign up to attend the event on Eventbrite so we know to expect you.

4- Set a Challenge! If you have an idea for a challenge you can start a new thread where you can invite others to join you.

5- Get in touch If you still don’t know where to start you can get in touch with @lauren or l.lapidge@gmail.com

##What will the Athens event look like?

Date: 11th- 15th June


The Athens event will start on Thursday June 11 and end on Monday June 15 (full five days).

We will camp out at the Pre-Festival of Solidarity and Co-operative Economy at Spithari, an eco-community in Marathon.

The goal is to create an interesting mix of hackers, artists, researchers and makers who will spend 5 days observing and documenting knowledge exchange, the festival’s existing ecology, collecting data on energy use, food, resources and waste and imagining new ways to create a zero-waste and circular economy festival.


We recommend you join on the first day but participants are welcome to come along at any time.

In the two weeks run up to the event. Challengers will post [Challenges] to work on during the hackathon.

We will work within the framework of the [Headline Challenge]- Circular Festival Kit a simple to use, open-source guide for producing a sustainable and zero-waste festival based on your event’s needs.

There will be a series of [Sub-Challenges] that fit within this framework. If you have an idea please post it even if you cannot see a direct link to the [Headline Challenge]. It’s surprising how much can fit into a festival.

We want to have challenges from many different fields, including on-site prototyping, workshops, documentation and discussions.

On this platform and the the first day of the event (11th June) we will present the [Challenges] and decide how, when and who work on each of them as well as how we want to structure the event.

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