Questions for organization: presentation, certification, streaming, documentation

Hi guys,

we have a few questions for the organization in Bogotá.

1-OSCE have some kind of video or presentation than we can use to promote
and show the event first of every day presentation?

2-For the Colombians is very important certificate all, if we can, we
present a certificate of take the breakfast every day!. Can we give any
kind of certification of participation. like: “OSCE, Lars Zimmerman or the
boss certificate than Pepito Perez participate in the chalenge,conference
etc”. believe me, it´s strange but true.

3-Did OSCE have a platform or a prefer tool for streaming?

4-Where we can put all the info previouslY/during/after the event to
share, for example, a pdf or video or something like that. For how much

Not more for now.
Thank You very much.


Hi Ricardo,
To answer your questions:

1) Will there be OSCEdays videos each day?
Yes! this is our plan, we have reached out to speakers from the OSCEdays community and network who will be making 5min videos for the community. We will publish one ‘official’ video every day, but we hope that others will also contribute videos (for example, you can do a video in Spanish, if you like!)
Information on recording a video can be found here.
I’m currently editing a video which Lars and I recorded, explaining Open Source in more depth, and perhaps Sharon and Erica willl do the same for Circular Economy, we will have to see how much we can get done in the next three crazy weeks!
@Gien is also organizing a very exciting series of live google hangouts with speakers - Gien, can you please make a post in the forum with information about this, so I can link to it?

2) Can the OSCEdays core team issue certificates of participation?
Personally I don’t like the idea of our core team being a certifying authority. Especially as we aren’t in Bogotá, so we can’t personally check who is taking part and who isn’t, so certificates from us wouldn’t mean very much anyway!
One way for your participants to get more meaningful recognition from the core team and the wider OSCEdays community is to get them active on the forum, help them ask questions and seek collaboration from people in other parts of the world. We promise to be nice. (Many people in the community speak Spanish or are comfortable using translation tools, so if some team members aren’t confident posting in English, está bien!)

As the core team, I see our primary role at the moment as setting up a structure and guidelines to make it possible for local groups to organize events independently.
However, if you feel that certificates are important, then of course you can create some, and give them to your participants, using our design files. But the ‘certifying authority’ is OSCEdays Bogotá, not the core team (we are just 6 independent people anyway, not an official institution).
What I suggest, is that you make your design files for the certificates open source as well. If you create a certificate in a Word or LibreOffice, or Inkscape, InDesign etc, you should upload your editable document to the Design Files folder as well, under a CC-BY or CC-BY-SA license, so that other local teams can translate, adapt and use your certificates for their own local events.

3) Does OSCEdays have a preferred tool for streaming?
No, not yet. We haven’t found a suitable libre software tool which we can run on our own servers, so it’s up to local organizers to decide what they want to do. You could run a webcam stream on ustream or do google hangouts or find a different solution. But remember that video streaming can also be problematic for teams and participants in places without high-quality internet access.
We will be running our own instance of Etherpad for real-time collaboration on documents and related chat, which should at least use less bandwidth. If we had some people who could commit to looking after an IRC channel, that would be another valuable real-time collaboration method.

4) Where can we upload our documentation before, during and after the event?
Our online platform has three elements: is the external website and blog, using the Wordpress content management system.
This is mostly used for communicating and summarizing the key aspects of OSCE and the OSCEdays to potential participants, to partners, media and the public. This can be used before the event to get people involved and clearly state all the most important information to the public. After the event we can post summaries, blogs, project descriptions etc on this website for the public to see. is this forum, running on Discourse discussion software.
It’s the organisational space for transparent collaboration - most of the work happens here - we communicate with other local and international teams and participants, we discuss things, build and brainstorm. It’s a bit messy, of course, but it’s a space we can experiment in, interact, and get to know one another.

The third element is, using ownCloud sync and sharing software.
It’s like our own dropbox. We are still working out the specific details of our documentation structure which we will use during and after the event, but the simple answer is that you can use our OSCEdays cloud folders to upload and share files. For local teams, we can set up your own folder structure.

For how much time can you keep your files there?
Well, we want OSCEdays to be the first event in an ongoing, long-term movement, so I guess you can keep your PDF & video files there forever!
(Ok, not forever - in 5.4 billion years, the sun will expand and engulf the inner planets of the solar system, so we will need to find a new place to store files before then :slight_smile: )

We will also have a Youtube channel for OSCEdays, I can provide more information when I know how this will work.

I will send you your login details for the cloud folders in a private message, and also make you an admin for the Bogotá group, so that you can add your local team members.
Help and tutorials for the OSCEdays cloud are here.

Note to any other OSCEdays participants reading this, who want to use the cloud folders, just send me a direct message and I can set up your account.

I hope this makes sense and answers some of your questions, feel free to ask more, or add anything else that you think of!

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Great! One last answer is missing:

Is there a presentation to use to pitch the OSCEdays?

Maybe there is something in the cloud folder with all the design files. I’ll try to make sure that some useful presentations will be made available there over time. And Sam created one already for his Pecha-Kucha-Session about the OSCEdays and all slides and the text are here. This will do the job for now i think.
btw. @RicardoR i edited the name of the topic a bit so others can find this information better.