[PROJECT] Shared Reading List

One way of getting to know each other better and learning from the experts at the same time is to collect a shared reading list.

Which books/ authors do we find inspiring when we work on the shared challenge of building the platform, building the OSCE-community and defining our OSCE-challenges? Which tetxs help us to better understand what we are trying to do, to communicate and organize our activities and to define what it is we need and want to do here?

Good thinking Maike!

I think for most it will be pretty obvious. But maybe there are people who have not read it yet. It is definitely worth reading:

###Cradle To Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things

The sequel to Cradle to Cradle is Upcycle which is worth a read too.

For the more academic minded, Performance Economy by Walter Stahel is an excellent read.

Biomimicry by Janine Benyus is a little dated now but still an inspiring book - I particularly like it as many of the books focused on CE are based on the technical cycle rather than biological.

Waste to Wealth: The Circular Economy Advantage by Jakob Rutqvist and Peter Lacy is a pretty new one which comes at things from a rather corporate view but is a clear and useful guide.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has some decent reports that you can download here: https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/publications

They have written books (also on the page) which they sell but I have to say I do not find them easy/good reading. I would stick with the free reports and save your money.

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Yes, these are obvious reads. I have another one I really like on the topic of food and how logistics of it shaped our cities:

Hungry City by Carolyn Steel

I think it can give us a lead for considering the complexity of designing a circular foodsystem.

Of course there are others as well, e.g. on garden cities, edible cities, urban agriculture… I’ll get back to this when I find the time