Project/Organizer - Makea Tu Vida

MAKEA TU VIDA is a non-profit-making organisation operating within the fields of training, research and development relating to design and reuse, with the aim to encourage creative upcycling. Makea Tu Vida is a group of designers, architects, thinkers and builders that work for increasing awareness about the problematics of waste in our society from a critical and a participative vision.

Our lines of action involve open design, reuse and communication, with emphasis placed on:

  • Outlining and to exploring new furniture solutions through design processes that involve open source and reuse methodologies.
  • Generating strategies of collective and participative work that motivate self-building as a conciousness and critical reflection tool.
  • Training on open source design tools.
  • Promoting DIWO (Do It with others) culture as a decentralised method of peer empowerment

MAKEA TU VIDA uses design as creative and training tool, not just as aesthetics, nor as an added value, but as the process itself of creation of an object. But always from an ecological prism, from a design for recycling and reuse, for the minimisation of residues, for the use of non toxic and pollutant products. We bet for a collaborative, open and
ecological design, opposite to the design as “make up” of forms.

Since early in 2007 Makea Tu Vida developed various activities, always related with waste and open design: lectures and talks, courses and workshops, event management, campaigns, exhibitions and curatorial projects, development of strategies and platforms, etc.

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