[PROJECT] OPEN UNICORN Gluten free documentation

Continuing the discussion from Bio-inspired scale and methods to rethink energy production:

Find a way (maybe think of a tool) or at least a metholodology that would help the accessibility of the documentation.
Making documentation and texts easier to understand.
video presentation


Michèle Mayard, Alain Imbaud,Yvain Berthiot

We made an analogy with the gluten that’s like a glue between key concepts, and we thought that maybe we could simplify those concepts by getting rid of that glue. That’s how we came up with the “gluten-free” idea which is a concept that people could relate to as it became a very common thing.

We thought that the idea of starting with a glossary of key-concepts was interesting. It would help people getting familiar with the vocabulary.
The content of the documentation would include video-tutorials or step-by-step pictures
The doc would ideally be translated in as many languages as possible (including braille, visually impaired persons…)
It would have different levels of accessibility according to the user’s needs or age (the concept could adapt the texts for different audiences - from 3yo kids to adults) Meanwhile, we can use some tools like D3.js ( http://stackoverflow.com/tags/d3.js/info ), or Wikipedia texts based.

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