Project mapping

Hello everyone!

What do you thing about creating a map of the projects have participated in the OSCEdays?

a map with not only cities, but where you may set the criteria for searching like
type of project
Long term or short term
and etc.

So, it will be more visual and it helps to find not only near projects but also similar type of the implemented projects. There can be the links leading on the discussions on the blog here.

For example, there is a platform called Crowdmap, the old version is very good for making maps with different criteria (the new one is for simple maps).

I wonder, do we have any documents that analyze and collect the projects from OSCE days?
So we may sent the organizers personal invitation mails to join Open Labs: the Circular city and we can see the networks of contacts and the possible collaboration.

Best regards,

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Dear Nicustasia:

I am Samuel Chanchan from Liberia Executive Director for Global Peace anoud Development Organization and Country Director for Youth Employment Decade in Africa , I am involved in series of projects building the minds of youth and women in Liberia . I want to ho OSCE DAY in Liberia

I looking forward hearing from youu soon


Dear Samuel,
That’s so great that you want to make a project in Liberia!

You may have a look at this thread [TUTORIAL] - Register Your Local OSCEdays Event
Here you may find more about how to create the topic for your city event and it may help you to present your idea and choose the format.

Can’t wait to read more about your project!

If you have any question, please, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

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Hi Stasia,

###Past „Map“ Ideas
I think a map like this would be great. @Gien is thinking about a map like this for a while now and he has also a technical solution in mind. There have been also some ideas in the past to adapt this technical solution to our needs and make it work for OCSEdays. @Gien - what was the solution?

But if you think crowd map is a good tool, why not give it a try.

I also know, that @Silvia started to check all challenges and activities of the past years. So she might have some data relevant for the map idea.

###Elegant Workflow Possible?
I think a project like this is a lot of work – setting it up and maintaining it! Or do you see an elegant workflow? Where could we place the map?

###Better ways to document and connect are needed indeed
Documents analyzing OSCEdays. We asked to share challenges and documentation of local events on the forum. But we learned that this did not work really well. There is some stuff on the forum and on all the subpages of the earlier events on We also sent out a document to local organizers last year asking them to collect and share some data about their events and sending the doc to us. Almost no-one did it.

We learned from that – that the Challenge Format and the creating a subpages is not working very well. This is the reason we switched to the ACTION concept (an ACTION includes always documentation in one step) and to a new signing up procedure that involves using the forum from day one.

This is the new try to get more documentation and therefor allow more fruitful connection across the globe.

But better ideas are always welcome and necessary. Maybe your map idea is this missing idea. Do you think it is?

How would you approach it?

We certainly have a way to reach out to all local organizers that have been involved.


Hi Stasia,

I agree with @Lars2i it’s definitely something that we need more of so why not try it out!

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Hi. Looking for a list of those who have participated in the different events of the last years and looking for the possibility of connecting with them, i made a table where are the groups or contacts that were named in the organization of the activities and that somehow organized or Gave support to the activities. Is not very complete because some cities did not have much information, but it may also serve to mapping the actions, know who organized them or what groups working to promote the circular economy in the world

osced participants.xlsx (14.6 KB)


@nicustasia I still think this is a great idea.

It is also something that @Gien has been talking about in this thread:

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