[PROJECT] Lets dream our materials

Continuing the discussion from [Intro] Bio-inspired scale and methods to rethink energy production:

Recuperating the unused materials of your neighbours. Creating a sharing community in the villages.

How to inform your neighbours that you have basic material to give away. (And the other way round) How do your up cycle those materials.
video presentation (french)


Ludovic Boulard Le Fur, Samuel Eyre, Alexandre Negrello

We came up with a solution of three linked points, taking into account that not everybody has an account on a social network :

  • The basic display board

Can be used to inform drivers on the nearest main road.
A bill board placed in front of a waste dump can be useful to inform other people a few days before they dump their raw materials, writing down a phone number so that they can be joined before the dumping.

  • Social network

A facebook group for the village could be useful to create interaction between the villagers, and providing them with an easy way to inform about their unused raw materials, they would also be able to specify the appearance, the dimensions, etc… Abandoned raw materials could also be localised.
The usual website like “leboncoin” or “donnons” that are very appropriate might be less appealing to countrymen, as they might not appreciate unfamiliar faces coming in there home… And contact is easier.

  • Events

Special events could be organised once a year to create a agglomerate all the unused materials to be picked up by other people and to be used for artistic purposes by the community. Joining together for a feast would be a perfect brainstorming occasion to find new purposed for the raw materials. Ideas : A giant sculpture could be made. Augmented every year.
A open garage day, where everyone goes to the neighbours house to see what they have to give away.

A “Ressourcerie” just next to the waste site could be a very useful place to recuperate raw materials without having to go through social media or billboards…

@LesUsines_Louise : I found the idea of offering an idea rather than material very interesting, (the team suggested for example to offer wood along with potential use: “wood to make a tree house”) …I believe that it has strong social potential.