Problems with the Wordpress for 2016

Hi @pierreozoux

i am setting up the new page for 2016 and have some problems i can’t solve.

The new theme is called make. It offers to have social media links in the header. I tested the theme in the sandbox. This is what it is supposed to look like:

But altough all options and settings are the same. The icons do not show up on

on top, as you can see in the image, the admin bar is a bit messed up, at least in firefox.

When I use the inspector functionality of firefox it shows different things. This is what it says for the sandbox:

And this is what it looks like for

As you can see, different numbers on the right.

I deactivated the Easy Bootstrap Shortcode Plugin but it did not do the job.

I don’t have a clou, what is going on here, and why? Maybe you can help.

Any ideas @cameralibre

BTW. The Theme is supposed to display the same social media buttons on top and bottom of the webpage. On the bottom works just fine.

I don’t have access to nothing, but I guess the icon are not loaded because not served by https.

Be careful on what you use also, you are leaking privacy of your users by using fonts and/or icons served by google :confused:

Thanks for the answer Pierre,

https is probably not the reason, because the same icons are visible on the bottom - so they are loading, just not at the top.

I am not sure if we are using icons or fonts by google. I might be wrong. I thought the font as well as the social media icons are part of the theme.

You probably could not see the page because I have the maintenance plugin running. You can login here and you’ll see it as it is right now:

NAME: Testuser

(Is just for seeing the page.)