PPL. to ping for OSCEdays Writers Weekend

Hey @BoST + ,

I am thinking about pinging or DM who have posted some interesting solutions already here on our forum that could be documented better to invite them personally to join the Writers Weekend on March 4 & 5.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions whom to ping? If you have the time pls. check the challenges and let’s find out who to ask for the first round.

I would be most interested to invite the people who did the shower, peeponics, micro-methanizer and KanTe (toilet, water filter, worm compostation, Terra Preta, micro-gasifyer cooker), maybe also the Poc21-crowd (solar and wind energy). To me that’s the most tangible: start with basic things all humans need to get into a process of co-development of the affluent and the poor countries to create a convergence towards a good AND sustainable lifestyle for all (I know, sounds very idealistic).

cool, if you have their forum names pls. share below.

hab endlich mal die Liste gemacht, wen wir da alles einladen könnten: Connecting modules for a circular food-sanitation-agriculture-system

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Super cool!

Maybe for this time it is too late. But it is definitely good for the next one.