Power Life – The production and economization of energy

Context: This topic and project was created as part of/reaction to the ACTION – Prototype A Circular Product MOD (modular), RE (recyclable/reusable) and CO (compostable, combustable) by students of a design university in Bogota.

Lucia Vives, Sergio Gomez , Gabriel Hoyos, Carlos Felipe, Santiago Salazar.

this modular energetic, brand new system, consist in 3 modules that perform together to produce and save energy, the sole of the shoe, a bag , and 3 interchangeable batteries

The performance begins in the moment we take advantage of the cinetic energy that the user produce in every step when he walks, this energy transform with an energetic transistor in the sole of the shoe and then saved in a battery, when its completely full it can be placed in the bagpack which has a plug for multiple deivices, and another individual battery is remaining in the bag to charge inalambirc devices with the same energy collected in every step. Therefore the user has an inexhaustible reserve of energy, to use in any electronic tool, supporting the enviroment by creating electrical energy in an autonomous and creative way.

energy module

Shoes-bag-batteries ( System)

Brainstorming- and process.

performance system