Plugin Discourse/WP

Hey. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, its time to do it. It would be great if we synchronize the WP and Discourse forum. And guess what… there is a plugin for that.

It would mean that a post on the WP would become a topic on the forum and will be assigned to the right category. Not sure if the opposite works too though. I have to check if creating a new topic on the forum creates a post on the WP.
There is a also the possibility to have a single sign on. One same account for discourse and wp

So how could we use that option?

  • For cities: the page on the wordpress could be the READ ME topic on the forum.
  • For Blogposts: a new blogpost appears in the category Blog in the forum and people can comment it.
  • We could do the same for everything, Participation guide, Missions Statement, …
  • Participants can register to a local event via the city page on WP
    and in the same time have an account on the forum

Obviously synchronizing the WP and discourse seems to be the way to go + for people that can be a bit frighten about using a forum, its less violent for them.

If we want to go deeper into it, we can also find others uses and use the WP as a kind of dashboard of the forum. All the content is created on the forum, the WP show it in a nicer and curated way.

@cameralibre & @Lars2i do you have the hand on the WP server or should I check directly with Pierre?

I like it. You should contact Pierre directly as we don’t have an ftp access, he just manages everything for us.

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