Please Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the community forum! This topic is a place where you can say hi to the community, introduce yourself, and we can get to know one another a little bit.

Hi, I’m Sam, I’m part of the OSCEdays core team, mostly doing community management, platform development and documentation, but we’re all doing a little bit of everything…

My background is in Free/Libre/Open everything and also video – so if you’d like to join me in capturing the OSCEdays on film (well, on pixels), great!

I’m looking forward to working on the Open Structures modular hardware platform during our June event in Berlin, and can’t wait to see your other projects and ideas develop around the world. I’ve still got plenty to learn about circular economics, but if you need help on anything related to open source, @Lars2i and I can probably help out.

So how about you?
What (or who) brought you here? What are you interested in? What kind of people or collaborations are you looking for?

Hi, I am Sophia, organizer of the Circular Textile Challenge(s) Berlin and coordinator (global node connector) of textile related events during the OSCEDays in the different cities, the Global Circular Textile Challenge(s) .

My background is sustainability in the textile/fashion industry. I am the founder of interloom, a platform for sustainable fabrics and textile materials for a circular textile economy.

I am looking forward to working on the Open Source Circular Textile Manual during our June event in Berlin and connect to other interesting projects! I`ve still got plenty to learn about open source but quite a good overview on circular textiles. So if you have any questions regarding circular textiles, just send a message to @sophia

Looking forward to get in touch!



I am Martina. I am a graphic designer with background in design strategies and human centered design, and have in the last couple of years used this knowledge to work with problems of sustainability in textile and fashion industry.

My focus is “communicating sustainability” with the purpose of altering behaviour and making a positive change.

Visually, I work with data visualisation and infographics. In my project - Counting the Closet - I go into people’s closets and together with owners we research and gather data about their clothes. As a conclusion to the research I provide the interviewees with a report on their possessions and behaviour. Here is an example of the research I did on myself:

I also work with communicating sustainability in form of talks and lectures – such as en evening with sustainable fashion Sustainability Drinks Berlin

Looking forwards to OSCE Days and getting to know you!


this is Christiana Gardikioti I want to turn the “meraki” people global innitiative from vision to ACTION
I need an “A team”
Please contact me if you feel you share my passion for turning an empty from people yet very well housed village into an IOT and 3D printing resort community this is the actual village A GEM ! no people to work there

Hey, sorry for my rudeness, its time to introduce myself. Timothée Gosselin, I’m one of the co-founder of the OSCEdays.

Background: Business school with a master degree in sustainable development in France & Québec. I did not really feel “straight in my shoes” in that environment.
I tried to start a collaborative, time bank blabla project after my studies but it went dead. While getting involved in different communities, I found a great playground and met some amzing people at MakeSense. I then was for 6 months the community developer of Future of Waste.

What am I: circular/systemic economics freak and multitask nerd
I’m always sticking my nose everywhere with the need to understand what is going on. My main experience is in circular economy or systemic thinking and I’m now getting into the wonderful world of free and open source, maker, decentralization… Last interests, blockchain and decentrialized autonomous organizations.

So yep. Here if you need help and happy to discuss with you.

Hi @crisgar, welcome to the community - can you tell us a little bit more about the Open Source and Circular Economy aspects of your project? Maybe you can develop your project into a challenge by working with the Athens team?

Dear all,
I Obin Guiako for OSCEDays 2015 in Abidjan. We chose the 13 and June 14 for our local event. I have already contributed content on our page under which we are dedicated. She is French being in a Francophone country.

Thank you all


Hi @Obin_Guiako, welcome - I’m looking forward to see what develops in Côte d’Ivoire!

It’s helpful to provide a direct link to content to make it easier to for people to find what you’re talking about, so that they don’t have to search for it from the main page. So for example, you could link to the Abidjan category or the topic with important organisational information.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, what you’re interested in, or something about BABY LAB? Why did you decide to get involved in OSCEdays?

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Hi there

I am Romain, 28 years old, i joined OSCDays team to help inclusive economy & open source movement to move forward. I had the pleasure to meet @unteem & @Lars2i 1 year ago.

I’ll be part of the team in Mouans-Sartoux, France. I couldnt contribute as much as wanted to OSCDays the last months, because i was kickstarting Social Media Squad. We are working on a manual to support #OSCDays on twitter. We tell you more very soon :slight_smile:

Shortly about me, I cofounded Jerry Do It Together 3 years ago : Jerry DIT is global initiative that aims at catalyze citizen collaboration to collect old computers & remix them into funcky IT infrastructures. These computers or servers are powered by Linux to equip local iniatives & give access to locally thought IT services.
Jerry DIT movement is embodied by local communities of contributors called JerryClan. More than 150 Jerry computers were built in 12 countries by hundreds of citizen.

I contribute by designing manuals, animating workshops in France, I also facilitate dialog & collaboration between JerryClan hacktivists around the world.

I see #OSCEDays as a great playground to catalyze collaboration between JerryClans members. Our challenges are mainly about knowledge & inspiration sharing, to speed up replication & keep DIT spirit up ! We need a roadmap for, our web application.

In the next days, i will do my best to mobilize JerryClan members, so we can work all together @ OSCDays.

Babylab are part of JerryClan Ivory Coast, they already organized Jerry workshops to democratize ICT ! ça va Obin ? :smiley:

Take care folks !


Hi all. I’m Ksenya. Just came across the OSCEDays event. Looks great, looking forward to attend in Stockholm.

Hi, this is Gien from Cape Town. Looking forward to the event.

Hi all,

I am Silvia, a manufacturing engineer working as a consultant in sustainable manufacturing and the circular economy. My main focus is bringing these concepts to the understanding and practice by the engineering and manufacturing communities.

I was lucky to discover timely the OSCE community and became one of the organizers for Indianapolis, IN in the US. I am delighted to be in your company. I believe open source, voluntary collaboration and global networking is the future. I also believe that it is through this community and others similar to it that the world will change for the better, we will solve the climate change, economic, social and all other crises generated by and confronting humanity.

Great success to all with the events! It will be a very exciting few days for the OSCE community and all the people watching, tinkering, making, learning, creating and just plain having fun.

Special thanks to the exceptional core team and all their efforts.

Hi there, my name’s Marcel. I am a former business student in the process of a re-orientation towards sustainability and environmental issues. Currently based in Bremen. Starting a post-graduate degree in London in Biodiversity and Conservation Management in Octobre’15. I will be participating in the OSCEdays in Berlin and got introduced to this interesting project by my dear friend @Justine

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Hi, I’m Niels, I’m 34 years old, coming from Halle and Berlin, working at the University of Halle-Wittenberg in Bus. Economics, especially Sustainable Management (Lehrstuhl BWL, insb. Betr. Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement). I’m doing my doctorate there, looking for possibilities to bring together Web 2.0 and Sustainable Development in enterprises. I read about the oscedays in a Journal called “Umwelt aktuell” and I really like the idea of what you’re doing. Thank you, see you soon, Niels


Hi I’m Mix. I’m from Enspiral in Wellington, New Zealand. I met Sam and Tim (and OSCEdays) through POC21. I make a living though open-source code, and am an ongoing contributor to projects like Loomio, Cobudget, and Hypermarkdown - all tools for opening and distributing core societal infrastructures.
I’ve got a background in Education, Mathematics. In my spare time I’m a sci-fi and gaming nerd.

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Welcome! over many meals and beers at POC21 @mixmix helped @unteem and I learn a whole lot about governance and collaboration on open source projects, and how things get done at Enspiral. Hopefully this is just the beginning and we’ll get much more POC/OSCE/Enspiral crossover over the next months!


Gien, I think you should mention that you’ve been part of the core group of the OSCEdays 2015. It’s great working with you.

Hi all, this is Patrick Anderson * I am Very excited to be here! =-D

I have been developing a business-model based on mapping the patterns of the GNU GPL into the physical realm.

See PropertyLeft - GNU GPL patterns for the material realm