Global Video/ visual documentation

Local organisers can decide how and the extent they would like to record, their even from photos to films etc but would it be nice to have some sort of collaborative video/ visual documentation where snippets from across all the activities could be compiled in one short summary to bring to life?

Yes, and I can definitely put my hand up to do the editing.

As with all our documentation, some pointers and guidelines will probably be useful, especially for people who maybe aren’t so confident with video. Rather than running around with a camera for 3 days and then uploading everything to a central server, we should ask for some specifics.
Of course, if people want to take different approaches, they’re more than welcome, but if we state what we believe to be the most useful format/content, it’s going to be easier to put together a nice video afterwards.

Ideas could be, for example:

  • Each project/challenge submits a 1-minute presentation video, introducing their project and saying what they did during the OSCEdays.
  • Each location records a 'hello from xyz" message, using their local language
  • Each location submits a wide shot of the site with active participants
  • We can try some kind of a gimmick where an object or phrase is ‘passed’ from one location to another
  • We could also set documentation tasks to be slightly more open, e.g. ‘send in a shot of someone doing something for the first time’
  • We could ask them to send their answer to a standard question
  • We could ask them to ask a question they’re trying to answer during the OSCEdays

Regarding technical issues we will have to check with Pierre what the situation with owncloud speed and capacity is in order to know if it is possible to collect video material on our own server. I would guess that it is not possible, as video files are huge.
Instead, we can ask each team to upload videos to their own dropbox/google drive/mega instance of choice (under CC-BY or CC-BY-SA), and collect the links to these folders in a single doc. This means that the videos are unfortunately not permanently available via these links (as people will delete things), but at least I (and others interested in using the material) can download everything and back it up until we have a suitable online storage medium.

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