Playwood.IT - Open Hardware Connectors for boards

A while back I found this in a huge and famous german hardware store chain (Bauhaus):

It is this (intro vid)

And it is actual open hardware!

When I browsed through the website of Playwood IT could not find the 3D printable file for download only other materials.

But when I sent them an email they were happy to share the file and it took @nikusha not long to find the file on instructables as well.

Design Files (by intructable user: exilaus; license: cc-by-sa) (948.2 KB)


I think this design is quite interesting for circularity:

(1) it does not harm the material you use with it - no drilling etc.
(2) you could actually try and use it with old wood and be quite flexible.

As often. It is not a 100 percent circularity solution. But … on its way.