Plastics in a Circular Economy x OSCEdays Singapore - June 9, 2018

Hi there! Welcome to OSCEdays, Singapore.

We are Sustainable Living Lab and we aim to build a sustainable future through community building, technology experimentation, and social innovation.

Singapore generated more than 800 million kg of plastic waste in 2017, and only six percent of consumer plastic waste was recycled. Most plastics produced are single-use plastics and as consumers, we urgently need to rethink the way we make, use and reuse plastics.

Join us in the Community Lab as we rethink how we as individuals can close the loop on plastic recycling. In this talk, we’ll cover the fundamentals of Circular Economy, resources used to make plastic in a linear economy and how to be low carbon and waste in our consumer habits. There will also be a plastic recycling demonstration by our friends from PlastiCity SG and a chance for you to make reusable plastic with the machines they have built!

We are also looking for partners to share their different initiatives as well during this event, so drop us an email!

Event Details
Date: 9th June 2018
Time: 2.00pm-5.00pm
Venue: Community Lab@UWCSEA
1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704



Hi Atiqa, we are interested to collaborate with SL2 on/with related satellite OSCE-Days events in relation to Fashion Revolution Singapore as well as brainstorming with green business owners who wish to achieve circularity. Hope to be in touch and discuss further. Thanks!


Hi Adel,

Apologise for the late response. We will be happy to be part of this. Let us know how we can move forward together. Email me at :slight_smile: