PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON - Text, Strategy, Embed Code

Hi @BoST

I created a Paypal Donation Button. It is here on our website:

Let’s discuss a better text for the donation page. Suggestions welcome - please post it below.

I will look at the design of the page also again. Suggestions welcome. What info or images should be on the donation page?

##Placement on the Main Page
I already added “DONATE” to the menu bar. Will have a look later on the page - when I redesign it anyway - where else we could place it. Suggestions welcome.

##New Design - DONE
Jepp, the button is ugly. Will try to get @OTTILIE to help create a better one.

Below I share the embed code for the button + a link you can send out via email.

What strategy can we use to spread the word about the button? Should there be a topic in the public part of the forum with the embed code asking people to share it - embed it also and so on?

Other ideas?

##Test it - DONE
My Paypal is empty. If someone of you has a paypal could you test the button and transfer a small sum - 1 Euro or so - so we see, if it works? Please let me know, if you have done it.



Paypal had provided Embed Code but for unknown reasons their html code did not work. So I created our own:

<a rel="donate" href=""><img alt="Donate Button" style="border-width:0" src="" /></a>


I think it’s useful to see how other orgs do it:


Hi Lars, please re-configure the PayPal donate accept credit card payments and not require a PayPal account. Not everybody wants to create a PayPal account and there is an option for it, when you set-up payments to your account. If you don’t find it, I will look for it myself.

I sent a donation using my existing PayPal account, let me know if you got it. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask people to create an account,some will find it annoying. Another login info to remember, on top the one million others…

As for the text:

Setting up a global OSCEdays event and providing infrastructure for the global community requires a lot of work and consumes resources – for hosting, graphic design, information management and so on. Please support OSCEdays with a small donation. Thank you.


Great Silvia - the donation arrived, so the connection works.

I was chatting with the people from Paypal on the phone and what I got from that was, that they don’t have the possibility to pay with credit cards when it comes to donations :frowning:

I also thought, that is not good! Because … who has a Paypal account?

Here you can have access to the Paypal account. Maybe you can find a way to set it up.

Hi @BoST

I created a new Donation Button for us. What do you think? Feedback Welcome.


SVG File Download Vs1



admin note: I relocate this thread from the hidden “Sponsorship Category” to the public “Association” thread. I figure, it is not necessary to keep it invisible. No sensitive data shared. (Let me know if I missed something)

ok, DONATION PAGE is updated.

Have a look and feedback @BoST + Community

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Great to have the Paypal button :slightly_smiling:

Will check the copy next week when I get back from the Ouishare Fest, see if I can find ways for improvement.

In the meanwhile, regarding the problem of having to check in in Paypal to pay, I was thinking that maybe we could use another service like donorbox or stripe, which should also be fairly easy to put in place and have advantageous pricing for non-profits.

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