Paris and suburbs 2017

#We are
We are Future of Waste, we have contributed to intitiate the OSCE days with SUEZ and have been participating each year. You can check out our website . We are looking for other organizing partners

#We Will
This year we keep on focusing on plastic and textile to imagine how we could generate higher values from recyclable and upcyclables. You can check out the full programme on our Facebook event

#Date and location
Our OSCE day event will occur during Maker Faire and futur en Seine
It will be behind " la grande halle de la villette"
From June, Saturday 10th 10am
to June, Sunday 11th, 6pm


Register for the event :

Saturday : Plastic

10H- 17H Workshop to upgrade precious plastic machine, mould objects and imagine outputs

17H Conferences about plastics, its history, industries and consequences with makers, travellers, makers and entrepreneurs

Sunday : Electro Sewing : musical textile upcycling workshop

  • 11H bulk bags Register

  • 14H Tote bags Register

  • and many other workshops to knit, sew, rempair

Please contact us at
06 48 62 40 37

Here’s a little video of last year event


Hi, we are having global VIDEO CALLS during the global June event. Join us there to tell us about your event, maybe show us around and meet other people.

You can join a call while your event is running or before or after it. HERE IS THE SCHEDULE.

Hope to meet you :relaxed: