ownCloud or gDocs for Berlin Spreadsheets?

I’m about to send out login details for our Berlin ownCloud folder, where we can sync and share documents and files. But spreadsheets are an unresolved issue - see my post in the Global Platform Development group: OwnCloud or gDocs for spreadsheets?

Was denkt ihr? what should we use for our collaboration in Berlin?

ownCloud is fine for me, as I already use the ownCloud desktop client and LibreOffice, but I realise that not everybody is in the same situation. If we go with Google sheets with a link from the ownCloud, that’s fine too.

yes, i think you are right.

Just create a document in OwnCloud as representation for the doc in Google docs and put a link to it. Then grant access to the Google Doc to everyone in the Team.

Should only become a problem when we have really really many Spreadsheets. But why should we?