Overriding Objectives from OSCEdays READ ME #1 (March 15)

when the OSCEdays started a READ ME was created to allow collaboration. For this READ ME Overriding Objectives for the OSCEdays were described.

I copy them to here, as i think, they are pretty useful for a discussion about the future of the OSCEdays:

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This is what the early core team agreed upon as the mission/long-term goals and overriding objectives of the OSCEdays:

###a) Stimulate an Open Source-Circular Economy debate and collaboration

Bring together and include a broad set of stakeholders to stimulate debate, sharing and beneficial alignment between open source and circular economy communities,

###b) Take a hands-on approach to creating and sharing practical solutions

Work on defined needs and identified challenges, creating and sharing practical open concepts and solutions through an inclusive hands-on approach (both online and on the ground).

###c) Build a lasting, evolving and enabling Open Source Circular Economy space

Explore and create a lasting space for people and organisations to be able to access, connect through, contribute to, use and build upon open source circular economy resources and actions that benefit the environment, society and the economy.

  • A space to enable, empower and facilitate practical action and development of a circular economy
  • To simplify and break down barriers for people and organisations (of all sizes & from all backgrounds) to participate in and contribute to an open source circular economy.

If you agree with the OSCEdays mission, you are welcome to join us. You can comment on this READ ME or endorse it here in our forum.

How to get involved with the building of the OSCEdays? Take a look at “2. Teams and Tasks” below to learn how our work is structured and how to get join.