OSCEdays16 – Call for Mentors [Draft]

We decided to go another route. So this call was never used. The real call was on top of the “MEET the MENTORS” category

Part of the OSCEdays16 Mentorship Program

here is a quick first draft for the Call. Topic is a wiki. Feel free to edit if there is time. (Update: Somehow the wiki functionality disappeared … I will try to find a fix. But you can still post comments.)
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.+ + + PLEASE HELP US TO SPREAD THE WORD TO EXPERTS AND SKILLED PEOPLE WITH KNOWLEDGE ABOUT “Circular Design” “Circular Economy” “Open Source” “Making” Or any sustainability, and resource saving, practice or solution.” + + +

##Open Source Circular Economy Days Call For Mentors

The Open Source Circular Economy Days are a globally distributed event and community exploring and collaborating on using Open Source methodologies to develop a Circular Economy.

In 2015 33 local events in 33 cities happened at the same time and collaborating online. The list of local events and cities involved for 2016 is growing fast.

In the 2016 OSCEdays edition we will experiment for the first time with a global Mentorship program. OSCEdays mentors will make themselves available for the community for 90 minutes in a public chat (video and text) and answer questions and offering help to local projects and initiatives.

Mentors will be presented at the global OSCEdays website and be included in the event documentation. As a mentor you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting projects from across the globe online.

So if you are a knowledgeable person in any field related to Circular Economy or Open Source that might be a good fit for the OSCEdays, please get in touch with the mentorship program coordinators [LINK].

We would be happy to have you.

Ok. It’s on. We got acces to EVERY SCIENTIST IN THE NETWORK OF THE GREEN BRAIN http://hetgroenebrein.nl/wetenschappers/

The Director of Het Groene Brein is willing to open approach them about taking a roll as a mentor during the OSCEdays. That means the 110 leaing proffessors in CE & Sustainability in the Netherlands, plus their post-docs & PhD’s. (and a couple of former prime-ministers, ministers & CEO’s)

Pre-requisite is that we develop an easy methodology to manage this proces. 1) a way to explain the concept 2) a way to manage the subscribtions 3) a way to arrange an information exchange preceding the mentor talks, so the scientists can do some preperation on the local context.

Let’s discus this durint the next skype call.


Closed. The Call for Mentors was at the MEET the MENTORS category.