OSCEdays Singapore – June 10, 2017

Welcome to OSCEdays Singapore!

#We Are

Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) is a social enterprise that works towards building a sustainable future. We build communities, experiment with technology and start social innovation projects. Founded in 2011, we also pioneered the Maker Movement in Singapore and today, are promoting #purposefulmaking.

#We Will

Our plan is to organise a systems thinking workshop where participants will be introduced to systems thinking and learn to map a system. This is to help them understand the complex reality of a system and to identify the best way to intervene within the system.
Thinking in system is crucial when considering wicked problems, which are difficult to solve due to hazy link between the problem and solution. Examples include issues such as homelessness, environmental protection, transition towards circular economy, etc.

#Date & Location

10 June, 2017
The Red Box, 113 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238165


The systems thinking workshop will consist of the following:

  • Learning about systems through the Ecosystem Game
  • System mapping exercise


Please contact Veera/Farah at info@sl2square.org


Very good day.
The OSCED team Bogota, Colombia is interested in collaborating with the development of joint projects with other cities that want to participate in the event, for which it invites us to unite and develop ideas that we can execute together. If you can connect this weekend at 6pm GMT on the documentation weekend.