OSCEdays Shenzhen in Berlin - planning Na's visit!

Dear oscedays team,

as discussed yesterday during our organizers meeting yesterday — Na from Shenzhen Design Center our partner organizer from OSCEDays in Shenzhen will be in Berlin next week :slight_smile:

In order for us to connect with her and also show her what is going on in Berlin around sharing, circular, sutainainability … I’d suggest we set up a small agenda
from Monday- Friday here.

Please feel welcome to add ideas. Here is the first draft:

Mon — breakfast and then planning the week ( @Justine can you please suggest a convenient place for Na to meet me/us?)
Tue — 20:00 Foodwaste Collab, Papilles, Flughafenstrasse 25, Neukölln.
Wed — 13:00 Lunch im Impact Hub (@Ina @Anna_Perrottet)
Don — 19:00 Uhr Sustainability Drinks (click here to register) and @Anna_Perrottet @Ina please register Na and one of us there as speakers to present OSCEdays China and Berlin :slight_smile: You can introduce Na as “Researcher in Urban processes and Design” from Shenzhen Design Center.
Fr — Asia and Pacific Days Panel presenting OSCEdays. Plans for the evening?

I am really looking forward to exchanging ideas over the next weeks together with you guys and Na :sunny:

@transitionmica @Lars2i @cameralibre @sophia @Frans @Anna_Perrottet @Ina @simonlee @MartinaSkender


Great that we can welcome her in Berlin!

Martina Skender with her great connection to Sustainability Drinks already requested 2 quickpitches

  1. Na from Shenzhen Design Center
  2. Someone from OSCE - Open source circular economy days https://oscedays.org/

We let you know as soon as they have approved. @MartinaSkender

Looking forward to see you on Wednesday at Impact Hub for Community Lunch.
Everyone is invited to join! @simonlee


@ina Hello dear! The 2 quickpitches are approved. Could you give me more details about presenters: subject, website, person name and email so that Sustainability Drinks can put it on their website, like here: http://www.sustainabilitydrinks.de/quickpitches.html#SD11

THX! :blush:

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Dear Alice, could you complete the requested infos for you quick pitches at Sustainability Drinks so that @MartinaSkender can forward these to the organizers? Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there.

Na, Researcher in Urban processes and Design from Shenzhen Design Center
Alice, OSCE days, https://oscedays.org

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@MartinaSkender @Ina ich habe jetzt an die info@sustainability… eine Anfrage für einen kurzen Beitrag zu den OSCEdays sowie der Research Arbeit von Na geschrieben. Ich habe auch unsere Präsentationen für die Asia Pacific Days angehängt aber auch angeboten etwas freien vorzutragen :slight_smile: Zweiteres wäre mir sehr lieb. Vielleicht können wir für den OSCEdays Vortrag dann auch sogar zu mehreren auf die Bühne. Das fänd ich ziehmlich cool und würde ja auch unsere Community ganz gut wiederspiegeln. Was meint ihr?