OSCEdays San Francisco!

Welcome to OSCEdays San Francisco!

Hosted by: Sustainable by Design

Sustainable by Design is proud to host the first OSCEdays event in San Francisco.
We are a blog whose goal is to create a thoughtful and empowering community taking actions to make sustainability sexy through design. As well as publishing interviews and articles around the topic of sustainability from the design perspective, we host monthly events for like-minded people to discuss issues and consider ambitious solutions using design thinking. We’ve met an incredible group of enthusiasts in the Bay Area and are inspired by these thought-leaders and change-makers who are making an impact everyday. With the first ever OSCEdays in San Francisco, we know we can bring together this community of creative minds and facilitate actions that will positively impact our world.

We believe in the idea of a circular economy, and are developing our skills to become active practitioners. We have ample experience in hosting collaborative events and are excited to explore the idea of pairing open-source with circular economy. We hope that OSCEdays is the first of many forays into this highly collaborative field.

What we need help with:

  • space to host event
  • sponsors (to provide design challenges, to exhibit projects, and other involvement)
  • experts to speak on circular economy and open-source concepts
  • superstar facilitators for group projects
  • passionate and hard-working people from ANY and ALL backgrounds