OSCEdays @OuiShareFest, Paris May 21-22

@lauren was asking me if any OSCEdays team members would be in Paris for OuiShare Fest - the answer is yes!
Both @Lars2i (Berlin/Core Team), and Koffi Sénamé Agbodjinou (who is running OSCEdays in Lomé at Woelab) will be taking part in a panel on Open Source Hardware and the Makers: Fixing the Climate? on May 21.
I have to miss out this time, but @unteem will also be there. Anyone else?

Hi, jeap, @Justine from the OSCEdays Berlin team will also be there. And Jenni Ottilie Keppler - the OSCEdays designer.
And i am not sure, but i think Gabi Augustini, who is probably going to create an event in Brazil.

I will be attending the Ouishare fest indeed, I’m a volunteer and be working on documenting session. Looking forward to see all there :smile:

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