OSCEdays on github


Dear all,

I created a github repository and will try to pull every project of OSCEdays there to allow others to see what OSCEdays projects are on github: http://github.com/oscedays

If you have your repos on github, please post it here.

Thanks and see you!

OSCEdays Framework Development 2017

Moved thread to organisation and documentation. Seemed more appropriate.


Just started coding!! Gonna be a long night :slight_smile: https://github.com/jrae/hooping_champs



and 20 characters more :wink:


Can you make me an admin of the organization? I’d like to put all the repos from this year’s OSCEdays in there. my github: aShure


Hi @maltefiala! Is it possible to get the login details for the oscedays github account? The Board of Stewards is working with Mozilla on its Global Sprint and would like to put a repo there for it. Many thanks!