OSCEdays on github

Dear all,

I created a github repository and will try to pull every project of OSCEdays there to allow others to see what OSCEdays projects are on github: http://github.com/oscedays

If you have your repos on github, please post it here.

Thanks and see you!


Moved thread to organisation and documentation. Seemed more appropriate.

Just started coding!! Gonna be a long night :slight_smile: https://github.com/jrae/hooping_champs

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and 20 characters more :wink:

Can you make me an admin of the organization? I’d like to put all the repos from this year’s OSCEdays in there. my github: aShure

Hi @maltefiala! Is it possible to get the login details for the oscedays github account? The Board of Stewards is working with Mozilla on its Global Sprint and would like to put a repo there for it. Many thanks!