OSCEdays Nairobi – June 1-11, 2018

Hi, Karibu to OSCEdays Nairobi :sunny:
#We Are

We are circular Design Nairobi, this year we are super curious about :slight_smile:

  1. Circular Design more so the Design with Grind Challenge onOpenIDEO

Learn more about the Challenge and the OpenIDEO Nairobi Chapter!

  1. Urban mobility, more so, peddle power.

Circular Design Nairobi
#We Will
Nairobi is rapidly growing in population and mobility needs too. 41-51% of people however still walk to work with no other alternatives, with an average monthly income of less than 200$ per month. We are exploring ways to increase bicycle use from the current less than 2% to a 7% in the next 3 years.
We have a bicycle share pilot at a local university #uonbikeshare
We’ve had a lot of success and with the project and we learnt a lot on-the-go.

Our ask is: How might we create a replicable model to get more communities to benefit from our endeavour?
#Date & Location
1 -11 June , Nairobi .
coming soon
Reach out to us Wekesa Zablon : whatsapp - +254 731 207563

Kim Laibuta : Whatsapp - +254 725 900 190