OSCEdays June 7 - 17 2019


We are late in scheduling this year’s June events. I would like us to decide on the dates before our next call on April 1.

I suggest June 7 - 17

Please respond by March 20 if you want to change the dates. On March 21st, I’ll post the call for June 2019 events, unless somebody else wants to do that. Thank you.

We had a lengthy discussion in Berlin on this on Monday this week. The plan is now to work with a new partner, the http://www.baumhausberlin.de/ . This means that we will have our event in (late?) September because we won’t get funding and PR organized before the summer break (in August Berlin is rather empty, many of our audience leave for the hottest part of the year/ school or semester break).

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June 7 - 17 is a go. Here is the logo: