OSCEdays Hackathon on SHARING - November 21-25, 2016, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

##Opening Video Stream \o/ !

Watch our opening Video stream on – NOV 21, 10 am GMT - with presentations by the sharing activists Thomas Dönnebrink and a connection to the Leila - All Sharing Shop in Berlin with @Clemens & @transitionmaike.



JOIN US! You can join us in this call and share your vision about the sharing city - try to inspire the students for projects to hack on during their 5 day hackathon! The LINK TO JOIN will be posted 30 min before the streaming starts here.

##Update: Documentation
Here is the full and detailed documentation of the hackaton.

Hi, welcome to OSCEdays in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany)

#We Are

@Lars2i & Sammy. An artist and a student at HfG and founder of a sharing start up.

#We Will

Run a little Hackathon on Sharing at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Design University) in Schwäbisch Gmünd from November 21-25 2016 and make it a part of the OSCEdays Open Labs on the Circular City.

Our Subject is Sharing (‘Dinge gemeinsam besser nutzen’) – Use things better together.

External Website: Use Things Better Together

#Date & Location

November 21-25 2016, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

The event is only for students of the University who signed up to the Hackathon. But all results will be made available to the public.

#Why Open Source & Circular Economy?

We think Sharing is one of the key elements of a Circular Economy as it can lead to less resources needed, stronger relationships in communities (social capital). It also asks for more products with more longevity. Open Source can enable and support Sharing in many ways – for example when successful strategies and tools for Sharing are Open Sourced as we intend to do in our hackathon.

#Program (So Far)

Here is OUR PLAN:

The Hackathon starts on Monday November 21 with some talks from experts and an open brainstorming phase. In this brainstorming phase we will look closely at the discussions and ideas shared in the Circular City COLLECTION of the OSCEdays Open Labs – especially on the subject of Sharing.

From there the students will develop ideas to work on during the hackathon and start to work.

These ideas and the developed prototypes will be documented (open sourced) – where it makes sense in the form of an OSCEdays ACTION Protocol! So others can build on it.


  • Want to give a talk to the students at the first day (via Video)?

  • Have a task to share to inspire the students?

Get in touch. Post a comment below or shoot us an email: zimmermann.lars(ät)email.de


Clemens/ @Clemens from *Leila - sharing shop in Berlin will join with an online-Interview.

Maike/ @transitionmaike will also try to join to talk about the sharing shop toolkit she helped to develop with *Leila Vienna, as well as her experiences with the sharing shop network, online sharing platforms, the foodsharing network, skill-sharing experiments and the free-flea-market in Pankow.


As we only talked about the sharing shop experiment I invite the students to ask questions about foodsharing, thing sharing platforms and the sharing shop toolkit within the next two days and I will try to answer them here in the thread.

For a better view of the place (sorry that didn’t work with the camera today) you can look at this old, but rather sweet report on the shop: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26764732

Status-Update: Great hacks are emerging. We have a team hacking beer bottles with “networking beer caps”, a team developing a bed for homeless people out of pastic bottles and pastic bags to secure their belongings while sleeping and many more. You can follow your progress live at Twitter under the hashtag: #hfghack.


Detailed DOCUMENTATION of the hackathon.

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