OSCEDays Global event 2018 in The Netherlands

Hey @BoST,

We’ve been talking about organizing a OSCEdays event, in spirit with the Ouishare Fest. I’ve talked to some of people from the Dutch government & the “topsector Design” and they love the idea of organizing this in the Netherlands in 2018.

If you the rest of the @BoST feels for this, i’d like to start exploring this further; the idea right now is to slowly work toward landing some subsidy’s which could kick-start the process of following the Ouishare model & get some corporate sponsors on board.

Personally, i work best if we could form a small working group around this.

@sharmarval: if you are up for it, it like to discuss this with you over a cup of coffee IRL some time soon
@TechnicalNature: how about a skypecall about this somewhere in the comming weeks?

@ the rest: who wants to help as well; in this phase i’d like to keep the working group limited to max 5 people :slight_smile:

@ the rest: who has contacts with Ouishare? I’d like to pick their brains on how they organized their first Ouishare fest.


It sounds like a good idea, Johnny

OSCE Days has established enough of a track record, a reputation currency that members can leverage to plan co-events that BoST consent to partnering with in some way. In fact, I am planning to propose something very similar with the Well Being Economy Festival (WEF) that I am co-organizing for Nov 2017 at the new Future Africa Campus so it may be good for us to share notes as we do this.

I will soon be uploading 4 projects to the OSCE Days platform and open them as year round projects:

  1. modular, reconfigurable furniture
  2. scrap metal battery with super-capacitor recharge rates (based on U of Vanderbilt research paper)
  3. low cost wind turbine
  4. water harvesting technology

We will use the Open Source Circular Ecohome as the test bed for all of these, but collaborate with science centres and university research students, beginning with local science centres. We’ve already had exploratory talks and they are keen on the idea.

Feb will be formalizing the strategy and in Mar, we pitch to the science centres and universities. If they like it, then Apr and May can be to get resources to set it up and June we can begin Citizen Science, Engineering and Tech (C-SET) collaborations. This will be a new kind of open source, citizen-based way to co-develop technology that is based more upon human resource than upon capital. This is nice timing to coincide with OSCEDays event and then after OSCEDays event, we continue working for another 4 months and hopefully will have mature technology to present at WEF in Nov 2017.

I just met with African Circular Economy network an hour ago to pitch the WEF to them and they like the idea. The idea of WEF is that each person on steering committee can invite participation of organizations, who will each run their own event which links up to the bigger theme of Well Being. For example, Prof Alan Brent is on our steering committee and he will be bringing the Innovation for Sustainable Development to merge with our event as well. In addition to the main presentation of a Well Being Economy framework by Lorenzo and his researchers, we will have synergistic networking events between the various organization events.

So whether it’s Johnny’s concept for a Ouishare type event or my concept for WEF, OSCE Days can expand its reputation and reach by these kinds of synergistic partnerships. In fact, we can leverage this network of events…we can bring development of technologies on the OSCEDays platform to various co-events we are engaged in. So as an example, all the stuff I am doing and showing at WEF 2017 can potentially port over to the 2018 Ouishare event, if it makes sense. It’s progressive so more development will have been done on the tech by the time it reaches that event…ie…could have established local manufacturing by then.


I can get you in touch with the organizers of the first Ouishare-Fests. Facebook is the best place for this I think. Let me know, and I’ll do it.

+@Frans is on a longer travel right now but will be back March I think. He is from the Netherlands and has good contacts there.

If we go that way I’d also love to include the poc21-people to repeat something similar with them.

Cool, thanks for the input.

After we’ve discuss this in the BoST call after the next one, ill contact the Poc-21 people & ask you @Lars2i to link me to the Oui-share fest - founders!

Hi @JayKay Great idea! Do you know I don’t live in The Netherlands any more? I am still an affiliate at TU Delft however, so I’m able to make connections and so on. I think it’s a great idea!

Hey JayKay Iam in the Netherlands, count with me!
Best Jose

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