OSCEdays global date? Thinking about an Istanbul, TR event

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there will be a global date in 2020? I recently started working in H2020 on distributed production for CE and as part of it, we have some funding to organize an event in Istanbul. I figured it would be great to participate OSCEdays, but I realized there was no date for 2019…

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Hi Yekta,

It’s great to learn about your plans for an OSCEdays event in Istanbul in 2020. We have not chosen the global dates yet, but please go ahead with organizing your event as it works for you and your team.

I will be happy to add Istanbul on our local teams list. Please let me know if you agree.

Thank you, Silvia

Hi Silvia, and sorry for the late reply - been swamped.

I will talk to my PI about this. It is just that if there are plans for a global event, we were planning to sync our efforts.

But I guess it works separately as well, like in the case for Berlin in 2019 (was there any other event anywhere?)

Also, I vaguely remember that there used to be a form or sth like that to fill in city related info, right?


Hi Yekta,

No problem, I am not fast enough with my replies. I created the city category for you, please use it as you see fit.

Last year, only Berlin reported their event, there were other cities planning, but I cannot tell for sure if they ended up hosting an event.