OSCEdays Future (F) – An Overview

This is the headtopic. Subtopics are: Event, Platform, Community; OSCEdays Foundation; “Infrastructure” Projects

Hi all,

What could the future of the OSCEdays look like? How to fullfill the OSCEdays goal of Building an Open Source Circular Economy (OSCE) in an open global community? What will happen? Here is an OVERVIEW of my thoughts.

##(1) Future Events!
At least annually but also throughout the year
First of all, we probably agree that we will have future events. At least annually. And maybe more throughout the year. The OSCEdays brand could be open to used by anyone, even to do small hackathons for example. Details

##(2) The Platform
Open to be used by anyone, constantly evolving
The platform will continue and develop further. It will be open all time to be used for events and projects to develop an OSCE. Details

##(3) A Foundation
To run, maintain and further develop the platform for the community
I think some kind of legal entity is necessary to run the whole infrastructure. A legal entity governed by clear and legal binding guidelines makes it easier to trust the infrastructure and secure its openness (Wikimedia Foundation is behind Wikipedia for example). Details

The image explains a bit the relationships

I got some Details for each part in subtopcis. But I think there is something to add to the general overview. The foundation should also create:

##(4) “Infrastructure” Projects – by the Foundation
Projects for shared open resources and infrastructures for an OSCE by the F.
The whole OSCEdays could be seen as “infrastructure”. The event built the platform that is probably going to build a foundation. The foundation is “infrastructure” itself and maintains the first two “infrastructure” things – the event and platform. And it should focus to build even more shared resources and possibilities to make an OSCE grow. Details

What kind of “infrastructure” projects? And how to take them on? This is addressed in the infrastructure project subtopic.

##To the Details:

Ok, this is the simple frame I like to suggest for the discussion about the future of the OSCEdays. More details and specific questions about each part are in this topics:

Some basic “design” ideas and questions for the future of the OSCEdays Events, Platform and Community.

How to build it, structure it, use it, frame it?

Some ideas for this “infrastructure” projects (better name needed) – rules and ideas for examples.

Img 1 + 2 combined

##Future “ABOUT the OSCEdays”

And to make everything easier to grasp. Here is a raw sketch for a new or future “About the OSCEdays” text:

The Open Source Circular Economy Days are a platform for OS + CE. The whole movement is event driven and started off with an event in June 2015.

Now the goal is not just to make an annually event but provide an ongoing platform for several things arround Open Source & Circular Economy. Experiment with it. A place for a sustainable ongoing development.

The OSCE is very open to be used by everyone. As long as you follow the mission of OS + CE. You can add an event as you like. See upcoming events here.

Although the OSCEdays is very open – the platform is run at the moment by the OSCEdays foundation. An organization that trys to find the perfect balance between beeing as open and supporting to a diverse global community and diverse interests and protect the goals of an Open Source Circular Economy at the same time.

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